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This is the hub of the Carleton LaTeX workshop. You can find all the materials below in source form at the workshop's Github page.

Carleton LaTeX guides

Getting started with LaTeX

PDF / View on Overleaf

Math typesetting guide

PDF / View on Overleaf

Text typesetting guide

PDF / View on Overleaf

Citation guide

PDF / View on Overleaf

Font guide

PDF / View on Overleaf

Carleton templates

Problem set


Comps paper



Additional resources

There are many excellent LaTeX resources available at Carleton and on the Internet.

LaTeX Wikibook

The LaTeX Wikibook is an excellent (and very thorough!) guide to many features of LaTeX, ranging from the most basic commands to extremely advanced techniques. Highly recommended.


This site can find the LaTeX command for hand-drawn math symbols. Great when you just can't remember how to make a φ!

TeX Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a network of sites where users can ask and answer questions. The TeX-LaTeX Stack Exchange is a great resource for finding answers to both common and esoteric questions—but be careful! Not every answer is good!


A search engine is an invaluable resource for learning any new technology. Not sure how to typeset an integral? Baffled by a cryptic error message? Just Google it!

Your peers

You're not the only one using LaTeX at Carleton! Ask around. Someone has probably already had the same problem you do!

Questions? Problems with the site? Contact Andrew Gainer-Dewar or Michael Tie.

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  1. All writelatex links are broken now (other the templates), unfortunately. Some of the content on this page is useful, but I'm not sure if the KB is the best place for this stuff.

  2. The links have been fixed.