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For a video tutorial, visit this link

Windows Platform Installation Guide

  1. To install Vidyo, first type into the URL: hit enter to continue to the website.
  2. You'll reach a page similar to the page below, you'll notice that there are also downloading instructions on the page.
  3. Go ahead and click the ‘Download VidyoDesktop’ button to start downloading the file; if you are using Google Chrome, a bar with the download status will appear on the bottom of the browser. The file to download should be around 10mb. Once the download finishes, click on the file to start the installer.
  4. A security prompt will pop up after clicking the file, press ‘Run’ to continue the installation process.

    An additional screen will pop up, press ‘Next >’ then press ‘I Agree’ on the next screen to continue with the installation.

  5. Allow the installation process to complete and a final prompt such as this one on the right should appear. Click ‘Finish’ to complete the installation.

  6. After you have closed the VidyoDesktop Setup installer, Vidyo will launch and startup automatically.


After Vidyo successfully launches, the login screen will appear. From there you can type in your login information into the login window; which includes VidyoPortal, Username, and Password.

Attending a Meeting without an Account:

If you don’t have a Vidyo account but are attending a Vidyo conference simply click on the link that was sent to you from the presenter.  That link will take you to the virtual conference room; be sure to have the VidyoDesktop Client open in order to connect to the room. 

Macintosh Platform Installation Guide 

  1. To install Vidyo, first type into the URL: hit enter to continue to the website. 
  2. You’ll reach a page similar to the page below, you’ll also notice that there are also downloading instructions provided on the page.
  3. To install Vidyo on your device, go to your desktop and find the drive icon that says ‘VidyoDesktop Install’ and open it. From there a window will pop up and inside that window there will be the installer. Run that installer by double clicking on it.  
  4. A warning prompt will appear asking you if you want to continue with the installation, click ‘Open’ 
  5. Before the software installs, a terms and conditions page will appear, press ‘Agree’ to continue.
  6. A completion prompt and warning prompt will appear after the installation has completed. Click ‘OK’ on the completion prompt and ‘Open’ on the warning prompt to launch the application.
  7. The program will launch and you can enter in login information. This concludes the installation phase.