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Academic Technologists (ATs) can help with the following:

The Academic Technologists are:

Carly Born   (x7010), LDC 305  Carly's Foreign Language Technology portal
Paula Lackie   (x5607), Leighton 225 (see 11/13 Technology Showcase)
Randy Hoffner   (x4037), Hulings 101

Academic Department Liaisons

Instructional and Research Computing

Academic Technologies can assist you explore and assess computer software and hardware to support specific instructional and research objectives. These tools are often discipline/discipline-family-specific. Your primary AT contact can help you find the right technology and product, then help you master it once found. You can work together to employ the new technology in your classes.

Faculty colleagues are also available to assist as you consider experimenting in the use of information technologies in your teaching and research. In a program unique to Carleton, four faculty members serve each year on the Technology Planning and Priorities Committee for Information Technology Services. These faculty members are advocates and counselors for other faculty wishing to make further use of information technologies in their teaching. They are not a "technology super-person" but rather someone who is comfortable with technology, uses technology in the classroom, and is enthusiastic about talking with cohorts regarding the costs, benefits, and pedagogical issues of curricular computing.

If you would like to discuss or explore possible uses of computers and networks in you teaching and research, please feel free to call on your divisional representative or AT contact.

Moodle Instruction and Design

Moodle is the online Course Management System in place at Carleton, and has become fairly widely adopted since the college adopted it in 2005. For more information about Moodle and all it can do, because there is so much that it can do, we recommend you contact us so we can give you an introduction to the tool and all of its various aspects. Once you are more familiar with it, we have a large catalog of instructions posted here on Carlpedia to help guide you through creating or changing things in Moodle. For more in-depth help, please look at our wiki page, Moodle 2.4 (2013-14).

Training and Instruction

If you want to brush up on or expand your computing skills, and have even a small amount of time to give to the effort, just contact an Academic Technologist, or use our website's Request On Demand Instruction form. One of us will discuss with you about what you want to learn and then work with you, through individual meetings, workshops, or a myriad of educational materials.

Don't be shy . . . take advantage of our availability to enhance your computer skills in the ways you desire. That's why we're here, and believe it or not, we actually enjoy it!

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