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What is a PC?

A PC (Personal Computer) is a common term for a computer running a Windows operating system, as opposed to a Basic Knowledge of Macs operating system, although a PC technically refers to any computer, regardless of operating system. Most Carleton students own Windows computers, although an estimated 1/3 of Carleton's computer owners own Macs. Outside of Carleton, Windows PCs have a market share in the range of 95%. Click here for a more detailed breakdown.


Currently, Carleton purchases its PCs from Apple and Dell, as do a large number of students. Carleton does not have any special deals negotiated with either company on behalf of students; however, both Apple and Dell offer an Education discount that Carleton students may take advantage of. Carleton makes no official recommendations as to computer brands, but many ITS helpdesk workers will happily advise a computer purchasing decision.

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