On June 24, 2011 starting at 6:00 p.m., COLLAB will be moved to a new computer system, improving everyone's file-sharing capabilities.  To accomplish this improvement, and in accordance with Carleton's computer advisory groups, minor changes will be made to the COLLAB file structure, as seen below.  (Use [VPN|] for off-campus access.)

  1. The files/folders in Committees, Projects, and Stu-orgs folders will not be changed.  They will be migrated as-is.
  2. ALL files/folders in DeptX(except StuWork Commons and the webpub folder) will be copied to a folder called "Deptx-OldCOLLAB".
    1. There will be four new folders in each departmental folder:
      1. Deptx-Dropbox:All faculty, staff, and students will be able to "drop" files in this folder.  Only the user who "dropped" the file in the dropbox folder and the members of the department dropbox folder will be able to view/edit the file.  General users outside of the department can not see files added by other people.
      2. Deptx-OldCOLLAB:This folder is where all files/folders on the current COLLAB departmental folders will be migrated to.  ITS will work with departments and offices to migrate their folders from this folder to the new departmental structure.
      3. Deptx-Only:General folder space for a department to store department-specific files.  Sub-folders can be requested with specialized permissions by contacting the ITS Helpdesk at x 5999.  This folder is not accessible to student-staff and no access will be granted outside of a department.
      4. Deptx-Shared:This folder is to accommodate sharing both between department faculty / staff / student workers within a department, and also between a department and faculty/staff/students outside of the department.  Users have the ability to create shared folders either by doing so themselves or by contacting the ITS Helpdesk at x 5999.
  3. Other things to note about the new COLLAB:
    1. When you view COLLAB you will see each department's folder whereas currently you typically only see your departmental folder.  This is necessary do facilitate the Deptx-Drop folder.
    2. The mapping to COLLAB will most likely be handled automatically but if you are mapping COLLAB manually, the path will change from\collab to\collab.
    3. The FACWEB volume will be a sub-folder on COLLAB instead of a separate share like it currently is.
  4. Webpub will be moved unchanged to the new system. 
  5. StuWork Commons will be copied to the Deptx-Shared folder.

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