On June 17, starting at 6:00 pm, COURSES will be moved to a new server. It will be unavailable for a number of hours while the work is completed.

Based largely on faculty input, plus the input of the technologists working with or in academic departments, combined with the new technical framework (moving from Novell rules to Microsoft Active Directory rules), there will be a slightly modified folder structure for COURSES. 

Here are 2 basic rules we have based the structure on: 
   1) remove spaces in all folder names so programs like STATA can manage the file paths
   2) limit the depth of the folder structure so it's faster to navigate to any specific folder

Changes to the current COURSES structure are in blue (see an example image below)  

  • All courses retain current naming convention (eg: psyc111-03-w11)
    but we'll loose the term folders (no more W11, S11...) and the subject-area folders, too. This moves all folders up to the top of the volume. Pay attention to your course numbers & terms to be sure you're looking in the right folder!

Faculty will retain all rights (read/write/modify/delete) to all folders within their assigned courses.

  • Hand-In & Return are separate folders with individual enrolled student folders within each.
    • Hand-in: Students will have read/write/modify (but not delete) rights to accommodate the many who use "save-as" as their file management tool.
      Return: Students will have read-only rights to the folder.
      In short, the difference is to pull the student folders up a folder level, it's one less click to get to each hand-in or return folder.
  • StuWork This student course-specific work space mirrors the Hand-in folder with the addition of the students being able to delete items here. This is intended to be a student-specific working space for each specific course.  This would provide a good location for items which would be referred to during office hours, or documents which have ongoing deadlines, such as a journal or a data-development project
  • Common (as exists now: enrolled students & faculty have read/write/modify/erase rights) 
  • webpub (as exists now: students have none, they can't even see it is there - but this can be turned on as an option if faculty think it would be helpful. Please contact your IT representative or Paula with your opinion on this matter.) 
  • CourseMaterials (as exists now: students can only read these files .. of course, this includes copying them out of the folder.) 


  • InstructorWork (as exists now. This is a course-materials holding-folder, only the faculty member can see or use this folder.)

Note to Academic departments with shared curricular files/resources COURSES will no longer be a logical location for materials such as: statsdocs, mmadocs, comps, statistical resources, software manuals, library liaison materials, specialty software plugins.. These are more static documents which are currently distributed from disparate places (COLLAB or COURSE, or web servers like Facweb, webpub folders or from Reason).  The Academic Technologists are happy to assist departments in locating a more manageable and predictable location for these resources.

These more static and shared materials will all move to a more consistent/predictable location. This process is still being worked out, please supply any specific feedback/opinions and/or let me know if you'd like to be a part of this conversation!  

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