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CPS is an interactive system which Carleton has available for use in the classroom.The system is comprised of a receiver remote for the individual presenting and individual clicker remotes for the students. The CPS allows viewers to give feedback during Powerpoint presentations, teachers to give verbal and multiple choice quizzes in the classroom, and has the capability to give instantaneous feedback on student performance to the presenter. The CPS is a great resource for presenters and teachers looking to incorporate technology into the classroom.

To check out a set of clickers and a receiver, contact PEPS at x7070. There are currently not too many on campus, so request them early if you are interested.

Because the CPS has recently changed hands from Pearson Assesment to the Einstruction company, the CPS software may now be downloaded at the following address:

Looking for software to use with the CPS?

This is a list of programs available at Einstruction to be used in combination with CPS.

CPS™ PowerPoint v1.5MAC SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™ PowerPoint v5.62LEGACY WINDOWSInformation Download
CPS™ PowerPoint v6.59WINDOWS SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™ PowerPoint v6.70WINDOWS SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™ Software v2.8MAC SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™ Software v5.40LEGACY WINDOWSInformation Download
CPS™ Software v5.62LEGACY WINDOWSInformation Download
CPS™ Software v6.59WINDOWS SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™ Software v6.70WINDOWS SOFTWAREInformation Download
CPS™/CPS™ PowerPoint Software v3.00

Having Difficulty with the CPS?

Help can be found on Einstruction's forumn's here .