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Release Candidate "RC"

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This is our production server for Self-Service
This is our production server for Self-Service API
This server contains our Release Candidate, Beta and Base installations  

Source Code

All source code is maintained in Git.  The repositories are "ellucian-web-student" and "ellucian-colleague-api".  Each repository contains the following branches:

    • master - Most current code in production
    • release-candidate - Code that is in final testing before release into production
    • beta - New features being tested by users
  • There may be more branches depending on what is being worked on and what needs to be integrated.  These are the main three branches that should always exists


Great care has been taken to try and minimize the amount of delivered code that is modified.  Customizations in both Student and the API are "siloed" to keep our customizations separated from delivered code.  Care needs to be taken to ensure that "configurable" code is kept up to date in development so that it does not get overwritten when deploying.  For example, resource files contain configurations (and possibly customizations) that should be reviewed in production and updated in development before an upgrade is performed.

Colleague Student

List of Self-Service Student delivered code that has been modified to accommodate Carleton Customizations:

  • App_Date/sitemap.config - this file is used to include new customizations into the menu system and how to route to the correct controller for generating the page
  • favicon.ico - Carleton specific ico file
  • Content/Images/custom-header-logo.png
  • Content/Images/custom-report-logo.png
  • Content/Custom.css

Customization Locations - Locations of "Siloed" custom code

Colleague API

List of Self-Service API delivered code that has been modified to accommodate Carleton Customizations:

  • Web Service/App_Start/RouteConfig.cs - this file contains a region towards the very body labeled "Custom" which contains all of the custom routes

Customization Locations - Locations of "Siloed" custom code

Self-Service Versioning

Versioning has been setup in such a way as to be able to track development and customized production versions.  


x.x.x.x – student/api.release.custom.development

Examples: – Student release 23;  There has not been a custom release but there are 3 versions in development – Api release 23; There has been one custom release and there are 2 versions in development


x.x.x – student/api.release.custom


2.22.4 – Student release 22; This is the 4th custom release

1.22.1 – Api release 22; This is the 1st custom release

Packaging Code


Installing Code

Ellucian Documentation

This documentation provided by Ellucian goes in depth on how to setup a development environment.