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The ITS Helpdesk offers free computer repair services to Carleton students. Repair work is done by specially trained Drop-off Consultants and full time helpdesk staff members. We deal primarily with software issues such as virus infections, broken applications, and operating system failures. We can diagnose hardware problems, but due to liability reasons, we cannot officially make any kind of hardware repairs.

When bringing your laptop computer to the helpdesk for repair, please bring your power adapter. If possible, also bring the install disks that came with your computer, especially the operating system (Windows or Mac OS) CDs.

Business Hours

Monday through Friday

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
For security reasons, personal computers must be secured whenever a helpdesk staff member is not present. Because of the staff work schedule, all dropped-off computers are locked up at 5:00 PM and unlocked the next day at 9:00 AM, except on weekends. Helpdesk workers do not have keys to access personal computers.


Simple software problems can usually be solved at the desk, and don't need to be taken for repair. More involved issues, such as the computer constantly crashing, often require more in-depth work. Some very serious problems have no easy solution, and the only way to restore the computer to working order is to wipe it clean and reinstall everything. In these cases, the helpdesk will try to back up essential data. In general, we do not back up music or other media because we don't have the space; if you need to recover this kind of data, you must bring your own storage medium.


Although we cannot officially perform hardware repairs, we can perform simple installations (such as adding RAM). For more complicated repairs, contact your manufacturer. We can help you determine exactly what the problem is, so you have more detailed information to pass on.