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These instructions are meant to be followed to the letter after any PEPS or IdeaLab computer is re-imaged.

Loading Configurations

Close Compressor and keep it closed until the instructions say to open it

  1. In Finder, click on the go menu
  2. Hold down the option/alt key, and an item labeled Library should appear in the menu. Click it.
  3. In Library, open the Application Support folder.
  4. In Application Support, open the Compressor folder.
  5. In the PEPS Dropbox account, there is a folder called "PEPS Compressor." Copy its contents into the Compressor folder in Application Support.
    1. If it asks you if you want to replace anything, replace it.
  6. Once it is completely done copying (wait until the copying progress bar has gone), open Compressor.
  7. In Compressor, click on its main menu (top left of the screen, the word "Compressor"), and select Preferences.
  8. The image to the right shows what the Compressor pane should look like when the settings are correct.
    1. Both "Automatically launch Share Monitor" and "Display job thumbnails" should be checked.
    2. Cluster Options should be set to "Copy source to cluster as needed" and "Copy at submission (high priority)" should remain unchecked.
    3. In both Default Setting and Default Destination, when you first click the dropdown, you will see None, Apple, and Custom. When you put your mouse on custom (don't click) you will then be able to click the "PEPS, mp4 to Drobo, at 720p" option for "Default Setting" and "Station <station number> Drobo:PEPS Exported Videos" for default destination.
    4. "For New Batches" should be set to "Show Template Chooser."
    5. "Allow connections from other computers" must be checked.
  9. You're done! Close Compressor, and, when you reopen it, you should see that the job window (top left) shows the setting and destination that you chose in step 10.

Correct Settings for Compressor