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Corel Codec DVD Decoder


 Corel Codec DVD Decoder encodes data streams and signals for transmission, storage or encryption, or decodes it for playback and editing. Codecs are used in videoconferencing,streaming media and video editing applications. This troubleshoot is for Corel Codec running on the Windows Media Player program.


In case of lagging or continuously pausing video frames (especially while sound frames are still playing smoothly), try configuring the de-interlacing parameter options under Settings on Windows Media Player. 

Deinterlacing is the process of converting interlaced video, such as common analog television signals or 1080i format HDTV signals, into a non-interlaced form. There are three de-interlacing options on Corel Codec DVD Decoder:

  • Auto
  • BOB
  • Force-weave De-interlacing

Try changing the deinterlace option to Force-Weave De-interlacing to smooth out lagging or pausing video frames. 

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