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Pilot Proiject on Hold

This pilot project never got off the ground, so this functionality is not available. It could be restarted someday.


You can print some documents from your mobile device (smartphone, tablet) using Email to submit the print job. This PaperCut feature, called "Email to Print", is one of several printing techniques available for mobile devices. This Carlpedia article briefly describes each technique, and lists each printer that works with each technique, along with the default printing options that will be applied.

if you can use the WebPrint technique instead, you'll have fewer steps and more control of the process.

if you can use any college-owned computer that has the printer already installed, you'll get complete control of the printing process and the best results.


Using this table in the related Carlpedia article, choose a printer near you that can Email to Print, and note which printing options will be used. When in doubt, use one of the ITS Public Labs printers marked in bold in the table ("ITSLabs"). Those printers are available to every Carleton person, and are in locations that are open more hours, for retrieving your printout.

Your mobile device must be able to send Email with attachments. It must also receive Email that contains a Web link that you must click, which will open a Web browser on your device.

The document(s) you want to print must be in one of the supported file formats, as shown in that Carlpedia article. The Email message itself cannot be printed, nor can text or HTML files.


For this example, assume that you selected the printer CMC104-Gray-CC5051.

  1. In any Email application, compose a new Email:
    1.                                   (Use your Carleton NetID, or see the Troubleshooting section below)
    2. To:                          (Use the name of the printer you chose; case does not matter)
    3. Subject is not required, but it’s a good idea to put a few words of the document name there.
      (The Email message body is ignored.)
    4. Attach a document file(s) in one of the formats that WebPrint supports:
      PDF  XPS  Word  Excel  PowerPoint  “Picture files”
      If you attach multiple documents, all of them will be printed.
    5. Remember, the document(s) will be printed using the printer default printing options: color, simplex, ...; see the table for details.
    6. Send!
  2. Within a minute or so, you’ll receive a reply Email with a Web link, so click the link..
    1. This opens the PaperCut “Mobile Client” in your device's Web browser, and is a verification step to prevent spoofing. Just click the button to continue.
    2. If you usually see the PaperCut client popup, the Mobile Client will go on to ask you which account to charge, with all the charging options you usually see. Select one and then choose Print.
    3. The Mobile Client will display a Jobs list showing you the status of the job you just verified.
    4. Choose the Sign Out button at the bottom left to exit, then you may close your Web browser.
  3. If the printer you chose uses a release station, when you arrive at the printer you can release the print job in any of the 3 usual ways.


Apple Mail on Mac OS X computers embeds documents in Emails rather than attaching them, by default. Here are instructions to fix that.

So what if you want to send from a non-Carleton Email address or mail account (step 1a above)? The first time you do this, the Email reply will include a Web link that’s a little different. It will ask you to confirm you are a Carleton user by logging into that same “Mobile Client” with your Carleton credentials. If you succeed, it will display the other screens mentioned above. And the Email address you sent from will be associated with your PaperCut account in the future, so you won’t have to login again.

If you mistype the printer name on the To: line, or choose a printer not enabled for Email to Print, you will receive a standard reply from that the message could not be delivered. Choose a printer from the "Email to Print" column in the table and compose the message again.

If you choose a printer that PaperCut has restricted against your use, the Web link in the reply Email will tell you that.

PaperCut reads a Gmail mailbox to collect your message and attachments for processing. If Gmail is unavailable, your message may be significantly delayed. If your message is never delivered, it should bounce back to you in Email.

What if this Email to Print process reports an error or just doesn't print? Then use one of the more direct printing techniques like WebPrint, or print directly from any college-owned computer that has the printer already installed.


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