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Once the video edits are complete, we still need to export the finished product.

The Basics


Part 1 (Sending to compressor):

  1. In Final Cut Pro, click File > Send to Compressor.
  2. That's it. Compressor should open.

Part 2 (Selecting the output):

  1. The PEPS, .mp4 to Drobo template should be automatically inserted, along with the PEPS Exported Videos destination (if these are not there, see the troubleshooting section).
  2. Make sure that the output name is what you want (it is in the right-most box in the Job information window - see the picture to the right).
  3. That should be it; however, if you are exporting to multiple formats, or at least a different one than the default, read Exporting to Additional Formats below.

The Compressor Job Window

The Compressor Job Window

Part 3 (Finishing up):

  1. Press submit in the bottom-right corner of the window that we set the name in.
  2. If a window pops up with a request that you name the job, you can name it if you want, or just press submit again.
  3. That's it. You're done!

Advanced Functions

Exporting to Additional Formats


  1. Make sure that the Settings window is open.
    1. If it isn't, in the click Window > Settings
  2. Find the setting that you want and drag it into the job window (top-left) next to the small image of the file being compressed.
    1. If you want to overwrite an existing setting, drag the new one on top of the old one. Otherwise, drag it anywhere else in the job window.
  3. At this point you should have your new setting (hereafter referred to as 'target') with its default destination. If you want to change the destination, drag the desired destination from the destinations tab onto the target.
  4. Make sure that the file name is correct, and then continue with Part 3 in the The Basics.

The Compressor Settings Window



I cannot find the file:

  1. If the export was done correctly, it should be in the PEPS Exported Videos folder in the station's Drobo. It won't appear until the export is done though.
    1. To check the status of an export, open Compressor and click Share Monitor in the top-right of the Job window (it doesn't matter which job - Share Monitor tracks all of them).
  2. If the export is done and the file isn't there, check to be sure that you're looking for the right name.
    1. A nice trick here is to sort the files by date created.  That should put your export near the top if it is in the folder.
  3. If you still cannot find the file, re-export and make sure that you keep track of the path and name.



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