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Fine art printing at Carleton happens in the IdeaLab (Weitz 027) and in the Photography lab in Boliou 130.

The IdeaLab allows anyone (after a tutorial) to use their printers. (The fine art printers in Boliou 130 are reserved only for active Photography students, and are under the supervision of Prof. Linda Rossi.)

In the IdeaLab we have four printers.  All of them Epson inkjet printers.  We have an R2880, two 4880s and one 9700 printer.

The R2880 printer can print up to 13x19inches on any type of paper.  This printer has 8 different colour inks.  Thus it is very good for rendering black and white photography, as well as full colour work.

The 4880's are roll-paper and sheet-fed, and can print sheets up to 17x22 inches.  These printers also have 8 different colour inks, and are very good for rendering Black and white prints, as well as colour.

The 9700 is a large-format roll-paper (and manual sheet-fed, if wished) printer.  The rolls of paper are 44 inches wide, and it can print up to 100 feet at 44 inches wide, with a brand new roll installed.  This printer only has 5 inks installed, and thus does NOT render black and white photographs very well.

A tutorial for printing with the 4880 "CAMS specific," but adaptable to all printing in the IdeaLab can be found here.

A tutorial for printing on the 9700 can be found here.

A video of Tucker MacNeill (former Media and Design Specialist) talking about the quirky-ness of Epson printing, can be found here:
VIDEO - Tucker: Printer whisperer