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By default, spreadsheets have one frozen row and no frozen columns (frozen means that the row or column remains in place while the rest of the spreadsheet scrolls - the contents of these cells can still be modified).  To change either of these, go to the Tools menu and then to either Freeze Rows or Freeze Columns.  Then choose the number desired from the menu.

  • You can tell whether or not a row or column is frozen in a couple of ways.  If a row or column is frozen, the number or letter identifying it will be grayed out and it will not scroll if you scroll the rest of the page.  Also, a horizontal bar appears below frozen rows and a vertical bar appears to the right of frozen columns.
  • You can also move the bars to change the number of frozen rows or columns.  Click on the bar where it appears between the row numbers or the column letters and drag it to the desired location.