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This page contains outdated information. See updated information in our new Knowledge Base: GlobalProtect: Setting Up and Connecting Your Carleton VPN

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VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network" which, in Carleton's context, allows you to access secured network resources from off-campus, and provides secure, encrypted network accessThe ability of VPNs to provide a more secure network communication on public networks means they can be good solutions for those who need to get work done from an airport or coffee shop with an open WiFi connection.  Please note that not everyone will need a VPN to do their work remotely; not all services require it. For example, while Colleague, SSRS, Advance, and the data warehouse all require VPN, you can get to OnBase securely using OnBase Web, without a VPN.

Carleton's VPN is provided by Palo Alto Networks, a vendor with whom we work on various aspects of our network security.

If you have any questions on the following information, please don't hesitate to contact the ITS Helpdesk via our support portal at, by phone at 507-222-5999, or through email at

Installing GlobalProtect for macOS and Windows

arrow-right-circle Click here to download the GlobarProtect VPN Installer

Download and Run the Installer

Please note that the download page does not look like a typical Carleton web page.  Please enter your Carleton username and Password.

Once you've downloaded the installer, run it and follow the prompts to install the program.  Windows users will be prompted to enter an administrative user and password (username is ".\admin" with the period and backslash, without the quotation marks.  Plus the password you set up when your machine was originally delivered, generally the same as your boot-up Bitlocker password).

Enter the Portal Address

If you are asked for a portal address, enter:

MacOS Security Configuration

If you are macOS user, you may see a warning that a System Extension has been blocked

Click Open Security Preferences and follow these instructions:

 Click here to expand...
  1. Navigate to system preferences
  2. Select Security & Privacy
  3. Select the General Tab
  4. If you see System software from developer "Palo Alto Networks",  click the lock to make changes
    1. If nothing is lsted below "Allow apps downloaded from:" and still cannot access the VPN - call the Helpdesk at 507-222-5999
  5. Enter the username and password you used to log in to your computer. 
    1. On college-owned computers, this is usually your Carleton username and password
  6. Click allow next to: System software from developer "Palo Alto Networks" was blocked from loading
  7. Click the lock to stop making changes
  8. Attempt to connect to the VPN

If you already have GlobalProtect installed, it should automatically keep itself up to date.

Uninstalling GlobalProtect

To uninstall GlobalProtect, download the latest installer and select Uninstall GlobalProtect.  In some cases it may be necessary to remove the previous install completely before installing a new version.

Connecting and Disconnecting

Connecting to VPN with GlobalProtect

Click the GlobalProtect icon (found near the computer's clock) - click to expand for a picture for your operating system


If nothing happens when you click this icon you may have to manual allow security access to Global Protect.  See the instructions in the Installation and Uninstallation section, under the System Extension Blocked image.


The first time that you run GlobalProtect after installing, it may prompt you for a portal address. Enter and click Connect. If you can't connect and GlobalProtect has just been installed or updated, please restart your computer and try again.

When the gateway has been set, you will be prompted to enter your Carleton username and password. Enter your credentials and click Connect
Note: GlobalProtect will save your credentials for future use.


Disconnecting from VPN

To disconnect from the VPN, click the GlobalProtect icon and then click Disconnect

GlobalProtect for iOS and Android

Visit the App Store on your mobile device and install GlobalProtect.

The first time you launch GlobalProtect, it will ask for a portal address.  It is 

If prompted to Add VPN Configurations, click Allow.

Use your Carleton username and password to sign in.

GlobalProtect for Chrome OS

Download and install GlobalProtect for Chrome OS from the Chrome Web Store:

Once the application is installed, you will need to put Carleton’s portal,, in the portal field & click “Add Connection”

To then connect to the VPN, you will need to go to Settings > Network > VPN > GlobalProtect.

You will be prompted for your credentials the first time. Afterward, your credentials will be cached unless you sign out.

GlobalProtect for Linux

This tgz file contains the packages for various Linux distributions


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