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Guest Printing at Carleton


Carleton College offers many accommodations for visiting guests, including printing and WiFi. Please note that guest printing is only available in the library, however guest WiFi is available for free across campus. 

Connecting to the Guest WiFi Network & Using the Library's Computers

Connecting to the WiFI Network

To connect to Carleton's WiFi network specifically for guests, see the guide on how to connect to the Carleton Guest network. DO NOT attempt to connect a guest to eduroam.

Using the Library Computers

The computers behind the Research/IT Desk are always logged in and ready to go, and don't need any type of password for guests to use. Guests can look up books and send files to the printer without waiting for a computer to turn on. All other computers in the library need a special password and username for guest access. For the guest account for the lab computers, just ask at any service desk (or call the ITS, the supervisors should have this information). Computers are meant primarily for student use, so guests may be moved from computers if student demand is high enough.


You may print in the library using your Friend of the College library card or your Carleton Affiliate card.

  1. On a library computer, print your file as normal. The default printer is the black and white "LIBR-Public-C6555" print queue. Select "LIBR400-CC5550" for color printing.
  2. A pop-up will appear prompting you for a password. Use the "Friend" password you used to log into the computer (available at any service desk).
  3. In the PaperCut menu, send the file to the release stations.
  4. At the release station (see image below), swipe your card twice (once so that the system recognizes your card, and once to release funds).
  5. Select your document from the pending documents list.
  6. Click "Print." Your documents will now come out of the printers.

Copying and Scanning


  • The flatbed scanners in the Reference room will scan images to the computers they're connected to. Instructions are posted next to the scanners.
  • Two of the printers (the light gray ones with the photocopy apparatus on top) will scan to an email (PDF and image files only). They are labeled LIBR-Public-C6555A and B.

How To scan to email:

    • On the display panels, enter "1" as the username and "0" as the password.
    • From the main menu, click through the resulting screens until you get to a menu that includes "Scan and Send" as an option.
    • Select "Scan and Send" and then "New Destination"
    • Enter your email address and select "OK."
    • Scan your documents, and when you're done touch the "Start Sending" button


The darker grey printer on the fourth floor of the library is also a photocopier.

  • At the display screen, enter "1" as the username and "0" as the password.
  • Click through the resulting menus until you get to a menu that includes "Copy" and select that.
  • Swipe your card at the card-swipe reader directly to the right of the machine to load money.
  • Scan your documents, and when you're done touch "Start Copying."

Photocopying costs:

  • Black & White: 10¢ per side
  • Color: 40¢ per side