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In order to print to Canon MFP, you have to installing drivers on a Mac for the Canon C5051s. The following is instructions on how to do so. If you run into any issues please contact the ITS Helpdesk at ext. 5999.

  1. The correct driver is the Canon PPD v3.05. It can be found on various flash drives in the ITS Helpdesk- you can also ask Austin. OR you can find them on COLLAB\\Departments\ITS\ITS-Shared\Canon Printer Drivers
  2. Double click the installer and accept all the defaults. It will require an administrator's password (either the primary user of the computer or the ITS account).
  3. Go to System Preferences (under the Apple menu), and selectPrinters (it may be called Printers and Faxes, Printers & Scanners, or some variation).
  4. Click the "+" sign under the list of printers on the left side. In the Add window, there are three tabs in the top left corner (Default, IP, and Windows) SelectIP
  5. Enter the following information:
    1. Replace CMC121H with the actual name of the printer. I also set the queue to be the color option, even though the Mac doesn't care.
  6. Select "Generic PostScript Printer" pull down under Print Using and select "Select Printer Software…" You will get a list of drivers, either in the same window or in a different window (depends on the version of the OS). In either case, enter 5051 in the Filter drop down.
  7. You may have multiple driver options. Select Canon iR-ADV C5045/5051.
  8. Click OK. Click Add, at which point printing should work.

If you do not have the usb flash drive, the driver can be found on collab.

I:\Departments\ITS\ITS-Shared\CSS\ITS helpdesk\Drivers, Executables, Config Files\Installing Canon Drivers to the Mac