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Carleton participates in Google Apps for Education, which allows members of the Carleton community to access Google Docs as their Carleton identity:

To get to Google Docs with your Carleton username and password, you must be logged out of any personal Google account (gmail, Google+, etc). Once you have logged out, please point a web browser at the following URL:

An alternative is to sign in using add an account and be logged in to multiple accounts at once; however this may cause problems in the long-run. To do so, click your account on the google search page, select "Add account", then sign in with your other account.


The terms of using Google Apps for Education are quite different from normal Google Apps, and can be viewed by downloading the file at the end of this paragraph.  We strongly recommend that people use Google Docs through Carleton rather than straight through Google.  If you are already using Google Docs through Google, go to our page on transferring your documents for more information on how and why to switch. google_service_agreement


Below are links to help forums (which often have how-tos in them) for Google Docs, arranged by category.  Tips and tricks for using Google Docs can be found in the Google Docs section of our FAQ and Tips and Tricks page.  Because Google is constantly updating and improving this service, be sure to check back to their site if something you've been looking for has been added since you last visited.

As with many online services, never use the Back button in your browser while working in Google Docs.
It is a sure-fire way to lose the work you've been doing!

In addition there is nothing we can do if Google decides to end this service or if something else happens on Google's end.  Though Carleton has an agreement to use it, we have no control over it.

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