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Why there are two entry points on The Hub

On the evening of February 9th, 2018, we changed the way you log in to several of our campus systems, including The Hub. The login page for the Hub will be using the same authentication method and web page as other campus systems such as your email.  These changes allow us new functionality for campus constituents:

  1. Single sign on with more systems across campus

  2. DUO data protection for the systems that contain high risk data

Parent/Guest accounts are stored differently and can not currently log in through the standard Carleton login page.  Therefore, there is now a separate URL for those logins.

Two-factor authentication

Like most of our peers, Carleton is placing a greater emphasis on two-factor authentication as an essential part of our overall security posture in the face of growing threats. Duo, our two-factor authentication technology, will be applied to the campus version of The Hub.  Duo will become required for all Carleton faculty, staff, and students (for all but seniors this academic year) on March 30th, 2018. Many campus departments already require it for their employees. If you are not currently enrolled, you can opt-in to Duo at any time.  Doing so also enables you to take advantage of the new less restrictive password policy

To accommodate this change, the URLs for the Hub are changing.  

Old URL:

New URL for faculty/staff/students/alumni:

New URL for parents/proxies:

If you have bookmarks to the Hub, please update them if you don't want to go to the landing page that makes you choose between the campus version of The Hub and the parent version.