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Top 5 issues with Moodle 2

No. 1: The dates are wrong for the weeks in my course.
Answer: On the main page of your course, go to the Settings block and choose Edit Settings (Course Administration section), then set the Course Start Date to 30 Dec 2012 (the Sunday before classes start).

No. 2: I can't change the settings of my assignment/file/forum while I am looking at it. The button in the upper right corner is gone!
Answer: When looking at the item you'd like to edit, go to the Settings block on the left and look for Edit Settings under the Assignment/Page/Forum administration section.

No. 3: How do I add people to my Moodle site or edit their access rights?
Answer: From the main page of your course, it's in the Settings block, under Users. Here's a screencast to show you how to do it:

No. 4: How do I move my course materials from last year into my course for this year?
Answer: We have step-by-step instructions online in Carlpedia:

No. 5: What's the fastest way to upload a file to my Moodle page?
Answer: Turn editing on and drag the file from your desktop to the page, that's it! (smile)





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