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These instructions are provided as a recommended option for archiving your email when you leave Carleton. If you are an user, of course, this would constitute transferring to your current email system. If this is the case, be aware that the Carleton emails will be imported without labels, as one long list of emails that will need sorted. Update: This is not true of the new Outlook Beta, which creates folders that match GMail labels,

Outlook Beta

Microsoft are currently offering a new look and feel to Outlook (referred to as Outlook Beta). The new version changes the wording on some of the options. To try to account for this, we have included the new terminology in parentheses.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log on to your Microsoft Account in

  2. When logged in click the gear that is located in the top right corner and click on options.
    (Outlook Beta:  Options renamed View full settings)

  3. Go to Options --> Mail --> Accounts --> Connected accounts
    (Outlook Beta:  Mail --> Sync email)

  4. In Connected accounts, choose "Gmail."

  5. On the following page, choose how you want to store imported email, and click "OK."

  6. You will be redirected to login to Gmail.  Enter your address and login with your Carleton credentials.
  7. Gmail will ask you to allow Microsoft access to your Gmail account.  Click "allow."
  8. Outlook should start importing emails from your Carleton account.  You should see a message that your account is now connected.
    (Outlook Beta: No such message appears. Instead, click on the Save button at the top of the window, then close it.)