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College-owned Computers

  1. Go to in a web browser on your computer and log in.
    (If you are off-campus, you will need to connect using the
    VPN first.)

  2. Click the large “Want Software?” button, which will take you to the Downloads tab.

  3. There is a search box on the upper right side.  In that box, type “Creative” without the quotes.

  4. Click on the version that applies to your operating system:

    1. Mac: Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App or 

    2. Windows: Creative Adobe Cloud Desktop App

  5. Verify your computer is selected in the Device to Install Software On: dropdown menu.
    For Carleton computers this will typically be your username followed by the 5-digit number on your computer.

  6. Click Install

The install will not start immediately, but it should start within 5 minutes.  You will see a dialog box when the install starts. You will not have to restart your computer afterwards, and you can continue to work during the install.  You may also see a dialog box when the install is complete.

Note: If you are installing on a Windows computer, your Desktop may go black and your Start Menu may disappear during the install.  If this occurs, your applications will keep running, but any folders you have open in Windows Explorer will close. Your Desktop and Start Menu will reappear when the installation is finished.

Personally-owned Computers


Verify the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app is Installed

To verify the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app has installed, look in your Mac Applications folder or Windows Start Menu.  When you reboot your computer, this application should launch automatically.  Click on the  icon next to the clock to log in to the Creative Cloud Desktop app.


I don't have an apps tab.

Error initializing Creative Cloud Desktop App