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This article applies to Faculty, Staff, and Students

Last Updated August 16, 2020

This page contains macros or features from a plugin which requires a valid license.

You will need to contact your administrator.


If you are a student using a computer you ordered through the CDW portal or purchased elsewhere, you can follow the links on this page to install software, at no expense to you. 

If you are a student using a computer you received from Carleton, many of these applications are already installed.  If the software you're looking for is not already installed, you can follow the links on this page to install or access additional software. 

Glossary of Labels

  • what operating system the software can be installed on
    • macos (Apple)
    • windows (Microsoft)
    • linux
  • if it is available via a web browser
    • browseraccess
  • if it requires a connection to the Carleton VPN
    • vpn
  • what type of license it is
    • homeuse, which can be installed on your home computer
    • trial_license, which may have time or feature limitations
  • which department typically uses the software
    • cams
    • geol
    • etc...
  • or if it serves a broader category
    • generalpurpose, used by may departments
    • aztech, Assistive Technology

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Installing Software FAQ

GlobalProtect VPN

Using REMOTELAB Computers (Lab computers on campus that you can access from anywhere)

Featured Applications

  • All About Microsoft Office

  • Adobe Acrobat and Creative Cloud

    Carleton received a grant to purchase some Creative Cloud licenses for students to install on their personal computers. If you are using Carleton owned computers, you do NOT need to request a license. Priority is given to students enrolled in courses that require Creative Cloud Applications.  To request a license, please contact the Help Desk with the following information:

    • I need access for a course (include course number and faculty contact)
    • I need access for student employment (include supervisor information)

  • GlobalProtect VPN

Software by Title

Software by Category/Department

Software by Operating System

Software with Special Limitations