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What is WebCheckout?

WebCheckout is a web-based system for tracking a collection of items available for checkout from an office at Carleton College. By using WebCheckout, your office can keep track of who has your items, track usage statistics, and maintain inventory information.

For more information about using WebCheckout, please contact ITS HelpDesk at x5999.

Who uses WebCheckout?

  • Information Technology Services Helpdesk and PEPS

  • The Language Center

  • The Rec Center

  • Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) Production Office, and the Weitz Center for Creativity

  • Geology (new, under construction)

  • TRIO, and the CSA Textbook Library (new)
  • Career Center
  • Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC)
  • Learning and Teaching Center (LTC)
  • Math and Statistics, and Computer Science (MASTCS)
  • Office of Health Promotion
  • CCCE
  • (coming summer 2019) Music

What do you need to use WebCheckout?

  • A computer on the Carleton campus networks (or the VPN from outside)

  • An up-to-date Web browser (Java is no longer used)

  • The name of the Checkout Center (CC) in which a CC Administrator has configured your login as an operator

  • This Web interface for operators: 
    (The Log Out link is currently next to the operator "circle", on the dropdown menu at the upper right.)

  • If a Checkout Center (CC) has been enabled for the Patron Portal (formerly PIR), and you are among the patrons enabled to use it in this CC, this Web interface: or the Carleton shortcut

WebCheckout Vocabulary

Checkout Record - A record of a patron checking out an item from the checkout center

Reservation - A record of a patron reserving an item ahead of time to be checked out later.

Pickup - When a patron picks up the items they have previously reserved.

Renew - Extending the time period a patron can keep the items they currently have checked out.

Return - When a patron returns an item to the checkout center.

Patron - The people at Carleton College who may check items out from a checkout center.

Resource - The items available for checkout or reservation in a checkout center.

Media - Resources that are books or films.

Tutorial Links for Operators

Change in Appearance

The videos below must be downloaded to your machine in order to view them.

Additionally, following recent updates to the WebCheckout, the interface now looks a lot different. Basic functionality hasn't changed, but the videos are not currently an exact match. We will be uploading new versions of the videos with the new interface over the course of some summer.

(Each video is less than 90 seconds long, except Checkout which is just over 6 minutes.)


If you have further questions about using WebCheckout, or are interested in creating a WebCheckout Center for your office, please contact ITS HelpDesk at x5999.