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Documents stored in your Carleton Google Drive will be inaccessible when your Carleton account expires and will be deleted after that. You will need to transfer ownership of files that need to stay at Carleton (for organizations or research), and may want to save copies of your files for the future.

Google allows you to transfer ownership of files stored in Google Drive from one account (email address) to another. However as of spring 2018 Google does not allow the transfer ownership of a Google document to an account that does not share the same domain. In this case, that means that you cannot change ownership of files in your Carleton Docs (under to your personal Google Docs (under

To keep your files, you'll need to create an archive, store it, and then perhaps upload it to your personal Google Drive


Transfer Ownership

For files and folders that need to stay at Carleton, follow Google's instructions for transferring ownership.


Download Drive Files

Using Google's Built-In Download Tool

Google has a system for creating an archive of not only your Drive data but lots of other data affiliated with your Carleton account, called Google Takeout.

Here are Google's instructions for Downloading your Files, including useful FAQs.

Manually Selecting and Downloading FIles and Folders

  1. Log into Google Drive with your Carleton account
  2. Select all of the files and folders that you wish to download - you can download individual items or select all items in My Drive
  3. Right click (or click the three vertical dots on the Google Drive tool bar) and select Download...
  4. At this point, Google will begin converting your documents to common formats (Microsoft, jpeg image files) which it will ultimately collect into a single Zip file for downloading.
    You can choose to wait for the process to finish, at which point it will automatically start to download and save the file.
    IMPORTANT: If you chose to download all of your files at once using this method, it will take a while to prepare the download - possibly several hours.


Uploading your Downloaded Files

Remember - your Carleton Google Drive account provided you unlimited storage.  Free accounts have a much lower limit - 15GB at the time of this article's writing.  To check your storage usage both at Carleton and in your personal account visit  You can switch accounts on that page as you would switch accounts in Gmail or Drive.

Before you upload the files from your Carleton account, you will need to extract (or unzip) them from the Zip file using whichever archiving tool you have installed on your machine. Both Mac OS and Windows can extract the contents of Zip files from their file managers (Finder and Explorer respectively) and typically double-clicking on the zipped folder will accomplish this task.

  1. Log in to, and ensure that you are logged in to your personal account (and not your Carleton Google account).
  2. Click on the Upload pull-down button and select Folder...
  3. Browse to the folder into which you extracted the contents of the Zip file, and click OK.
  4. Google will begin uploading the files into their corresponding file types
    Depending on the settings in your personal account, the upload may convert Microsoft files into Google format


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