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Files on your Network Drives

Network Drives have been largely replaced by both Google Drive and Dropbox, so it's possible that you already completed this particular transition over the course of the past year. However, it may be worth double-checking the contents of these folders, just in case you left something valuable behind. "I'll deal with that later" is a trait that's common throughout the Carleton community.

There are three primary network drives where you may have stored files that you wish to take with you when you leave Carleton. As a quick reminder:

Network DrivePrimary Use
HOMEThis drive is most commonly used for personal files, or as a backup location for your most important academic documents.
COURSESThis is most commonly used for classwork, specifically for assignments or hand-ins for courses that either did not use Moodle or which exceeded Moodle's file limits.
COLLABThis is typically used to store files which are neither personal nor directly related to course work. Academic or Administrative departments and Student Organizations often use this space.

If you have files stored on any of these network drives, you may want to make copies for use after Carleton.

You can retrieve, download or otherwise archive these files in a number of different ways. You can use a flash drive (USB drive), an external hard drive, your personal computer or an online storage solution (e.g. DropBox)..  Simply select the files that you want to keep from these locations and drag them to your storage location of choice. While it is faster an simpler to do this form on-campus, it can also be done from off-campus. On-campus, you can make use of your own computer or any of the 250+ lab computers.


Accessing Network Drives

The links below provide instructions on how to access these network drives from your own computer. 


Mapping / mounting your network drives from on-campus.
Mapping / mounting your network drives from off-campus.

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