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Carleton has purchased lyndaCampus. All students, faculty and staff now have access to hundreds of tutorials and thousands of videos. You can use it in your office or dorm room, in the classroom, at home, at the coffeeshop, or even abroad.

Most videos range in length from 2-8 minutes.  You can use as a way to learn a lot about a software program or subject (Photoshop, for instance, or design principles), and/or as a way to answer a specific question about a particular application or subject (How do I format a table in Excel 2010?).

All you need is a web browser, and your Carleton username and password.

iPad/iPhone users - there's a great app for lynda!


Log in using this URL:

Carleton has purchased lyndaCampus for 2012-2015.

This allows all current students, faculty and staff full access to all videos and exercise files in the library of tutorials.

Bonus:  You can use your account at home or away from Carleton.  (iPhone/iPad users - there's an app for, so you can access their videos on your mobile device!)

Want to learn more?    There's a lot of information online.  Here is a short video on navigating the site.

Here are some statistics of usage by Carleton faculty, staff and students, July 2012 - March 2013:


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