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Video Formats and 'wrappers'

Purpose/Overview: To describe the difference between an Mp4 and an M4v file type

Platform: Mac

Where can I get help? - Email PEPS (mailto: or call us at x7070

What's an M4v anyway

An M4v file is a quicktime Mp4 file that has a special wrapper on it that tells it to open in iTunes.

But I used Handbrake, and it made an M4v file, but I want it to be an Mp4!

Since an M4v file actually IS an Mp4, the fix is quite easy.

First find your movie.
Secondly, highlight the extension (the m4v)
Change the extention to Mp4
Click the 'Use Mp4' button.
Check to see that it opens in Quicktime, rather than iTunes. And that's it.