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Instructions for those setting up Eduroam for the first time

For your first time connecting to Eduroam, use Carleton's Eduroam Setup. This will ask for a password three times:

  1. In order to run, the setup script needs the password that you use to log on to your Mac (possibly different from your Carleton password).
    Click Continue to add the eduroam profile, with 2 Certificates and Wi-Fi Network. 
  2. Another window will pop up asking for your password for enterprise wireless credentials. Here, enter your full Carleton email address ( and password. 
    Click Install to proceed.
  3. A new window will pop up with something to the effect "Configuration Profile Tool wants to make changes." Enter your Mac password again.
    Close the System Preferences/Profiles window to finish.

Your Mac should always connect to Eduroam first. If you find that it is connecting to Carleton Guest instead, follow Apple's instructions to make Eduroam the preferred network.

 If your Mac says it can't run the app "because it was not downloaded from the App Store," this is Gatekeeper. To turn it off, go the Apple>System Preferences>Security and Privacy>General. On the "Allow apps downloaded from" option, select "Mac App Store and identified developers" and try again.

Should you have any further problems, call the ITS Helpdesk at x5999.