Our Microsoft Campus Agreement has been renewed for another year, and the unchanged program code should now work again.



Microsoft Office for Carleton faculty and staff

This page describes the process (with instructions) for purchasing Microsoft Office for your home computer.

Microsoft has changed how they make Microsoft Office available to employees through their Home Use Program (HUP).

In the past, faculty and staff would contact Candy Lelm in ITS, who would give them an Office disc after they signed a license form. This is no longer the method Microsoft is using to continue their program.  (Please note that Microsoft has implemented this change - this is not a change instituted by ITS or Carleton.)

Now, the interaction is completely online between the employee and Microsoft, and Office is immediately available for download and installation after paying a small fee.  Faculty and staff deal only with Microsoft in order to acquire the Office software they want for their home computer.   (From now on, Carleton will no longer provide discs for Microsoft Office for home use.  However, if you got a disc in the past, you may continue to use it.)


Note: We are each entitled to one copy of Office for home use.  We are licensed to install it on one home computer, not two or more.

2015 change: Microsoft announced that, if you previously purchased Office under the Home Use Program, you may again purchase the latest version of Office through that program, but you can only use one version and only on one home computer.

November 2016 change: Microsoft just announced that, under this program, you can get both PC and Mac versions of Office for $9.95 each. However, the license still restricts you to using Office on only one home computer.

Getting information

Many questions are answered in the detailed FAQ page at:

Which products are available?

The products available today are Office 2016 Professional Plus for Windows, or Office 2016 Home and Business for Mac.  (Optional language packs are available for purchase for the Windows version of Office.) Note that these versions are likely to change at any time, with no advance notice.

Who is eligible?

A Carleton faculty or staff member is eligible for one copy of Office for use on a home computer if he or she:

-         is the primary user of a College-owned computer that has Office on it (in any version);

-         continues to be employed by Carleton College.

The ordering process

The ordering / download / install  process will work best if done from the home computer on which Office is to be installed, using a broadband connection to the Internet.

1. Go to  (If you get a certificate error, try this instead: )

2. Select your country. This will take you to a new page, similar that the one shown below.

3. Enter your Carleton email address in the field for "Your work email"

4. In the field labeled "Program Code", you need to enter the code that has been assigned to Carleton.
    Click here to get the code (you will have to log in with your Carleton email username and password).

    Note: this program code has been assigned to Carleton for the sole use in accessing this site.
    Please do NOT share this number.

At this point, Microsoft will validate your eligibility and, if eligible, send you an email message.  There will be a link in the email message that you click to continue the process.  The link is the "Buy Now >> " in green, as shown below.

5. When you click on the link in your email, you will be taken to a web page that looks like this:  

6. Select the product you want to purchase.  You can choose to add language packs later in the process.

7. When you have chosen your version of Office, click on the "Checkout" button.  You will be taken to a new page that
    looks similar to the one below:

8. On this page, you can choose Language Packs or a backup DVD.    Please note that Microsoft charges for each
    item you add to your cart.     When you are ready, click on the "CHECKOUT" button.

9. Fill in the forms that Microsoft presents.  You will need a credit card to complete your order.

10. When you have finished, Microsoft will send you an email receipt with a link, similar to the picture below:

                             Click on the "Download Link" indicated to download your copy of Office and other software you ordered.

Note -   If the images on this page you are reading are different from the look of the Microsoft Home Use Program web pages, that is because Microsoft changes their screens more often than we can keep up with their changes. Hopefully, you will have no trouble if you follow their instructions carefully.

11. Once you have downloaded your software, follow the instructions for installing your software.  If you need assistance with
      installation, please see Microsoft Office Support.  On the left side of the page that appears, click on the words
      "Installing, Upgrading and Activating".

12. If you have any questions along the way, please see the following:
      This FAQ includes instructions on how to retrieve a product code from a previous order ("history").


Alternatives to HUP: Office 365 Alternatives

But what if I don't qualify for HUP, or I need it on an additional computer, or my kid/a Carleton student/an alum needs it on his computer, or ...? 

Under the campus Microsoft license, Carleton faculty, staff, and current students (not family or others) can use Office 365 Pro Plus on a few of their personal devices for free. For more information, search the ITS Service Catalog for the topic, "Getting Microsoft Office".

Not for a faculty member, staff member, or current student? There's an inexpensive alternative that solves all these problems and more: Office 365 Home. For $99/year or $9.99/month, anyone can get both Office Online and the downloads of the latest full versions of Office for use by anyone on up to 5 personal computers and up to 5 tablets (e.g., iPad or Android), with 1 TB (terabyte) of cloud storage. And the storage is yours for as along as you continue the license, even if you're no longer associated with Carleton. Find the details here.

Or, for eligible faculty, staff, and students, there is Office 365 University for use by a single person, described here: $79.99 for 4 years on up to two computers or tablets.



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