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This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating and editing Moodle's "Language Lesson" activity type.

Create a new Language Lesson

1. Turn editing on at the upper right corner and select “Language Lesson” from the “+Add an activity or resource" pop-up menu.          



Type the name of your lesson into the first box. Check ‘enable’ to make the language lesson timed. If the box is checked, students will see a timer as they progress through the lesson and all questions they answer after time expires will be not be counted. On the default settings students have an unlimited amount of time. You may also check 'enable' next to available from and/or deadline if you wish to limit when student's can access it.

Grade Options 

  • Lesson Type
  • Even after one sets a certain lesson type, it is possible to change options that is automatically followed by the type. For example, if one selects practicetype, he or she can make the feedback not shown on the screen by choosing "no" at "Display default feedback" option. If one does not change anything, all the options will be like following:   
    • Assignment
      • Shows feedback on Multiple Choice, Short Answer and True/False questions.  
      • Allows students to re-take questions while viewing their previous answers
      • Appears as a grade item in the Gradebook
    • Practice
      • Shows feedback on Multiple Choice, Short Answer and True/False questions.
      • Allows students to re-take questions
      • Does NOT appear as a grade in the Gradebook
    • Test
      • Does NOT show feedback to students on Multiple Choice, Short Answer and True/False questions.
      • Defaults to 1 maximum number of attempts (but that can be changed)
      • Appears as a grade item in the Gradebook
  • Automatic Grading automatically awards one point for every submission to an Essay, Audio or Video question.
  • Default points per question Sets the default point value of each question.  Points can be adjusted per question once they are created.

Flow Control

  • Maximum number of attempts sets the number of times a student can complete each question.  
  • Display previous answer If enabled, it will show the student his/her previous answer to a question when they return to it.  If this is disabled, the student sees the question without seeing their previous answer attempt. *This option is not applied in a "cloze" type of question.
  • Displaying default feedback will show the student the message “That’s the correct/wrong answer” after they complete a question. When a user sets no feedback response in the "creating question" section, these messages will pop up as default:
  • Default correct feedback Enter text students see when answering a question correctly.
  • Default incorrect feedback Enter text students see when answering a question incorrectly.
  • Shuffle answers will shuffle the order of answers on multiple choice questions each time the page is loaded.

Lesson Formatting

  • Display left menu: control the display the left question menu for students.  Without this menu, students cannot jump around among questions within a language lesson
  • Display menu icons: Disables the automatic color-coding of question names based on correct/incorrect answers.
  • Progress Bar: Displays (or hides) a colored bar at the bottom of the screen showing students how much of the lesson they have done.

Restrict access

If you’d like the assignment to only be available to students in a given window of time, check both enable boxes and set the dates to bracket the time they can work on the assessment.                      

Dependent on

These settings allow you to restrict Language Lesson availability to only those students who have interacted with a specified activity.  You can set whether their ability to access THIS language lesson is set based upon the amount of time spent on the previous activity, whether or not they completed the previous activity or if they achieved a particular grade threshold on the previous activity.

Pop-up to file or web page

This setting allows you to link to a document or website that will be opened in a pop-up window next to the Language Lesson questions.  This can be used to display a reading (or other kind of media) that students reference while answering a number of questions in the language lesson.  You may click browse to locate the file or you can drag it into the box with the blue arrow.  At this time, there can be only one pop-up window per lesson.

Activity Completion

  • Completion Tracking:If enabled, activity completion is tracked, either manually or automatically, based on certain conditions. Multiple conditions may be set if desired. If so, the activity will only be considered complete when ALL conditions are met.

    A tick next to the activity name on the course page indicates when the activity is complete.


Once you have settings, click Save and display to enter the lesson and begin creating questions. 

Adding Questions

See the next tutorial on Adding Content for details.