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Language Lesson is a custom Moodle module designed and developed here at Carleton to integrate oral language lab capabilities with the rest of the coursework on Moodle.  It allows a professor to design multi-paged sequential lessons that incorporate a variety of question types, including oral recording, multiple choice, true/false, short answer, cloze and essay. It also features a comprehensive grading page that allows professors to both get a quick idea at how students are doing on the lesson, and also click on any question to see exactly how the student responded.

The oral recording capabilities are the highlight of Language Lesson.  Not only are students able to record their response right on the page, but faculty also have an advanced feedback recorder that allows them to insert oral feedback at any point in the student recording.

Have a look at this brief screencast introducing the oral recording and feedback features of Language Lesson.

For specific instructions, see these tutorials.

Questions about Language Lesson can be directed to Carly Born,

Technical Basics

Language Lesson is a self-contained module that creates all of it's own database tables in Moodle.  All files are sent as byte arrays to the Moodle server and stored using Moodle's built-in file protocols.  There is no media server needed, and no core files are altered to make Language Lesson work.  Language Lesson currently works with Moodle 2.3, and we are updating for use with Moodle 2.4.

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