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This tutorial will guide you through the process of using Moodle's "Language Lesson" activity type.

The Moodle Language Lesson contains several question types True/False, Multiple Choice,  Essay, Short Answer and Audio Recording. For most questions, you will be required to select an answer or type a response into the box provided and then hit "submit".  Audio responses will be prompt you to record your own content using one of the applets pictured below. The applets themselves allow for unlimited number of recordings, but your instructor may set the Moodle exercise to allow resubmissions, or not.

  • You will need to grant access to your microphone in your Flash settings.  If you are not prompted to do so, right-click on the recorder applet and choose Settings.  On the microphone tab, choose Allow and then check the box to Remember the setting.

  • Chrome also requires you to allow access to your microphone, even after you give permission to Flash.  There will be a subtle message at the top of the page asking you to Allow or Deny.  Watch for this message if you see recording start immediately. 
  • Wait until you see the red line to start speaking, or your recording may get cut off
  • Finish speaking completely before hitting stop, or your recording may get cut off
  • This is a web-based tool, and as such is inherently slower than a desktop application. Be patient. (smile)

  • Currently, there is a bug in Flash that gets the recorder stuck occasionally.  You will notice that you try to submit a recording and it gets stuck on Preparing Audio...  The only way to resolve this is to refresh the page, which also looses your recording.  We are trying to fix this issue, but have not yet found a solution.   
Playback & Submit:
  • Double-click anywhere on the audio waveform to playback your recording.
  • Every time you hit record, you overwrite any previous recordings.  Only the LAST recording is saved and submitted.
  • Do NOT try to submit while playback or recording is in progress.  This will crash the player and you will loose your recording!


General Notes:
  • The recorders are Flash plugins, please be sure your Flash player is up to date.

These instructions are provided for those who would be completing the assignments, for instructions on how to setup Audio Recording assignments as an instructor, please see the Language Lesson Tutoral for Faculty.