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A college network operates somewhat differently than a home network because it is used differently. For example, instead of a handful of devices connecting to a home wireless network through a single wireless router, there are thousands of (very different) devices connecting to Carleton's wireless network via hundreds of wireless access points. This type of infrastructure needs to be managed, as to the devices that connect to it. This helps to provide a more stable and secure environment for everyone using it.

With all that in mind, the articles below are intended to help our community members and guests to our campus get connected to our networks.

If you experience any network related problems, please be sure to contact the ITS Helpdesk and report the problem as soon as possible. A common mistake that we all make is to assume that "Someone else has probably reported this already." It's surprising how often this results in the problem never being reported. The sooner it's reported, the sooner it can be addressed. And more information is always better, so even if you're sure someone else has called it in, you may have some additional data that will help zero in on the issue at hand.

If you have any questions on the following information, or about your Carleton account in general, please call the ITS HelpDesk at 507-222-5999 or send email to:



Wireless Network


Students, Staff, and Faculty

If you have a Carleton username and password, configure your computer or handheld device to use the eduroam wireless network. This wireless network is secure and encrypted with the 802.1x security protocol, and provides access to the Internet and all Carleton computing resources.

Follow the eduroam wireless setup instructions to configure your computer or mobile device to use the eduroam network.


If you are a guest of the College and do not have a Carleton username and password, then you can use the wireless network named Carleton Guest. This network is open and is not encrypted; transmissions across the network are not secure. It provides access to the Internet and some Carleton computing resources.

Follow the guest wireless setup instructions to configure your computer or mobile device to use the Carleton guest network.

Carleton guests who use eduroam wireless at their own institution will be automatically connected to eduroam while using Carleton's wireless.

(Note: Unauthenticated SMTP port 25 is blocked at Carleton, as it is at most places.)
Click for information about eduroam.



Residential Network

The following links provide some useful information specifically for our campus residents, with a particular focus on our amazing students.

An overview of the wired and wireless connections in each dorm.
How to register your computer on ye olde physical network (ethernet) and on wireless.
A quick guide to registering your gaming console on our network.
How to identify active ethernet ports and request changes.





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