Though you probably won't arrive on campus until September, you’re now officially a part of Carleton's online community.

By this time, you should have received the Computing at Carleton document in one of our mailings. The label on the front of this document contains your Carleton username, which is yours for life. It also contains your initial temporary password.  These credentials give you full access to Carleton’s online resources including the campus directory, library databases, the events calendar, residence hall information and more.

If you have any questions on the following information, or about your Carleton account in general, please call the ITS HelpDesk at 507-222-5999 or send email to:

Table of Contents

Important Note:


If you have not already done so, it is important that you change your password.

The password you were sent is less secure than a permanent one should be as it was not generated by you and was printed on document. This initial password is therefore temporary and will stop working in just a few weeks. At that point, you will be unable to access your college email and many of the other online resources you will need during the summer.

Click to change your password now.

If you do not change your password and you lose access to your account, please call the ITS HelpDesk at 507-222-5999 and have your Computing at Carleton document at hand



Carleton Network Resources

Overview of network storage space on campus
Overview of network connectivity on campus, including info on wireless.
Instructions on how to connect securely to Carleton's network resources from off-campus.

Personal Computing

An overview of the ITS HelpDesk Drop-Off repair service
A brief overview of malware
A little information about phishing...

Other Carleton Resources

Carleton's Course Management System
Tuition, Course Registration, Grades and more...
A link to your Academic Computing Covenant

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