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Option 1: GlobalProtect VPN

Network drives are only accessible as mapped drives if you have a Carleton College IP address.  This can be accomplished off campus by using the VPN.  If you already have GlobalProtect, simply connect and map network drives as usual.

To install GlobalProtect or to learn more, see this article on GlobalProtect

Option 2: WebDAV

If Option 1 does not work, or you'd like to have another option, WebDAV provides an alternative.  The strengths and weaknesses are listed below.

Access to drives is based on a protocol called WebDAV. Click for instructions on using WebDAV to access Network Drives from off-campus.


  • Simple to set up
  • Does not require that any additional software be installed on your computer
  • It works best for downloading files to work locally on your computer


  • Uploading files larger than 25 Mb is slow
  • If you expect to be doing a lot of copying back and forth, you may find the VPN solution described above more suitable.