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This is an overview of OnBase containing a directory to all pages related to Hyland - OnBase, the Enterprise Content Management(ECM) system at Carleton College. 

Remote Work with OnBase

OnBase can be accessed for remote work in two ways.

  1. OnBase Unity Client
    1. Requirement: Must connect to Carleton network via VPN
    2. Requirement: Must be using or connected to a Carleton-provided workstation.
    3. When logging in, make sure the domain is set to ADS (see image)
  2. OnBase Web Client
    1. Requirement: Must be using a browser that is in accordance with the compatibility matrix provided by the vendor.  This includes mobile browsers.
    2. Recommendation: Use a Carleton-provided workstation. 
    3. Web Client URL:

Other Function-Based Considerations:

  1. Hyland Virtual Print is only available when connected via VPN and a Unity Client is installed.
  2. Enterprise Scanning is only available on a registered Carleton workstation using Unity Client while connected to VPN.

Other Remote Work and Data Protection Guidelines:

Who uses OnBase?

OnBase Users at Carleton

What is OnBase?

OnBase by Hyland

Where can I use OnBase?

There are three OnBase clients which vary where you can connect from based on the client you are using

  1. Unity Client - The OnBase Unity Client is a connected, next-generation document management system that offers the familiar look-and-feel of Microsoft® Office®. You can use the Unity Client to easily upload, organize, and retrieve documents.
  2. Web Client - A lightweight client that may be used on Mac OS and is optimized for work over a VPN connection or slower network connectivity situations
  3. "Thick" Client - The "Thick" client is being phased out. The nickname "Thick" comes from the reliance this client has on an ODBC database connection, which is "thick" in terms of setup on your computer

When to use OnBase?

  • Working with electronic files/documents that require storage and retrieval through a single, secure, and efficient-to-use application
  • Collaboration on files being stored across departments/divisions at Carleton via workflow
  • Web forms that, when submitted, travel through a series of actions that represent a workflow
  • A storage location for files which Carleton is obligated to retain for a set amount of time

Why OnBase?

  • Hyland OnBase is an industry leading Enterprise Content Management solution
  • Integration across other Enterprise Applications such as Colleague (The Hub), and Advance
  • Redundancy of file storage
  • Accuracy of indexing files/documents through the use of auto-fill keyword sets, e.g. lookup based on unique attributes