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There are a number of ways to get files into OnBase. This document will describe how to import files one-at-a-time. Keep in mind, though, that there are also various ways to import documents in batches.


If your document is in already in paper form, you can scan it into OnBase. To do this scanning you can use either an MFP or a desktop scanner.

Make sure the scanner is turned on.

1Open OnBase 
2In the Processing menu, select Scan/Index
3Find your scan queue and double click on it to activate
4Select a Scan Format 
5Select a Scan Mode 
6Select the Document Type 
7Enter the date 

If you select pre-index or full index, enter the keywords for that document.

If there is an auto-fill attached to this document, you can also enter the ID number followed by the tab key.

Also, using Drop down arrows and entering the first letters of the keywords with the drop-down arrow will help with indexing and eliminating typos.

9When the keywords are filled in click on Scan 
10Enter a Batch Name (Description of documents)
11Click OK 
12Load scanner  
13When the papers are scanned you will get virtual rescan message.  Press cancel 
14Select the correct action in the Scanning Complete Box ( Done if batch is complete)
15The Batch will show up on the right hand side of your window after scan is complete 


Appending pages to an existing document:

  1. Go to that document
  2. Right-click and choose to scan more pages
  3. Scan queue, format dialog box  Press Ok
  4. Double click your Scan Queue
  5. Your document will come up in the scan view
  6. Load the scanner with the pages you want to scan and press SCAN
  7. Scan more pages Dialog box will come up choose where you want the new pages to go.  Press OK
  8. Press CANCEL when all pages have gone through scanner
  9. Choose DONE if you are through scanning
  10. Open up the document again to make sure the pages that you were adding are there and ended up in the right place.

Virtual Printing

If you have a document open and you want to put it into OnBase, you can use the Print button to import into OnBase.  For example, perhaps you received an email that needs to be in OnBase.  Rather than printing and scanning it, and rather than saving it to a file and importing it, you can send it right into OnBase with the File -> Print features of your software application.  This is known as 'Virtual Printing'.  Follow these instructions to get your document virtually printed into OnBase.

If the document you have open happens to be part of a document that's already in OnBase, you can append your pages to this existing document with these steps:

  1. From the document where the new pages exist, choose Print and choose the Hyland printer.
  2. In the dialog box, choose your document type group, your document type, your keywords, etc.  
  3. Click the box that reads 'Append pages to existing document'
  4. Import the document


If your files exists on a drive (your computer, collab, etc) you can import it directly into OnBase by doing the following:

  1. Open OnBase
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Import
  4. In the File Path area, click on Browse and find your file
  5. Choose the document type group that is appropriate
  6. Choose the appropriate document type
  7. The keywords need to be entered - never skip this step or your document will be lost forever!   Many documents have an 'auto-fill keyword set' that allows you to enter an ID number and hit the Tab key, and some of the remaining fields will be filled in for you.  Many documents also have a 'reverse lookup' where you can hit the Lookup button and 
  8. When the keywords are filled in click on Import




Another way to directly import an electronic file is the drag-drop method.  If the file is on your desktop or you can see it in Windows Explorer, you can simply drag the file to the grey space in OnBase Client.  You'll see the indexing window and you can proceed as outlined above.