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You may occasionally need to extract documents out of OnBase for a number of reasons. If you are collaborating with another Carleton individual, it may mean providing that person with access to documents you are working with to avoid needing to extract the document(s) from OnBase. The focus of this article is to familiarize with the process of extracting some documents from OnBase when circumstances require doing so.

Carleton employees need to be familiar with policies in the Campus Handbook such as Data Management and Access Guidelines

  1. Open OnBase Unity Client
  2. Use Document Retrieval to obtain the document(s) you would like to extract from OnBase - for example, I want all documents of 'x' document type for the past year.
  3. With the documents appearing in 'the hit list' you can:
    1. Choose one document by right clicking on it
    2. Choose more than one by holding Ctrl and left clicking on the documents you want to extract
    3. Choose all by left clicking on one document in the list, then press Ctrl + a keys on your keyboard - Note: if there are a large number of documents you are selecting, your screen may pause for a moment, so wait until all docs are highlighted
  4. Once you've made your selection of one or many documents to extract, right click on one of the highlighted documents and choose Send To > File
  5. Now you will see a screen similar to the following - You should review all options such as: 1) File Format of Attachment (do you want the file in tiff, pdf, or another format?) 2) Settings - Pages (do you want all pages or just a few, specific pages?) 3) Note Options (if this document type has OnBase notes on it, do you want them extracted along with the file?) 4) File Name (what do you want it named?) 5) Directory (where do you want to save the document(s) to?)
  6. Click 'Save' (click image to enlarge)
  7. When the document has been saved, you will see a green circle with a white check-mark in it, as illustrated in the image below (click image to enlarge) - Note: When extracting more than one document, patiently observe this process through completion of all documents
  8. When all documents are completely saved, you may go to the directory you specified in step 5 (above) to confirm the documents are there and once all are there, you are done extracting the documents



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