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In OnBase there is a concept of versions, revisions, and renditions. This article explains some of the differences between these, and seeks to provide you with direction for using any one of these options.

What is a Revision?

A revision is a modified copy of an original document where the same file format is maintained. In OnBase, when a document is retrieved, the latest revision of the document is displayed. Revisions are read-only and cannot be deleted. If a previous revision is modified, it can only be saved as a new document.

What is a Version?

A version is a series of revisions made to a document. Once all of the revisions are completed, the final document is stamped as a version.  The stamped, final document is typically what end users retrieve.  (They are not likely to even know that multiple revisions exist!) Stamping the version can be done from document hit list, an open document, or automatically via a System or Workflow task.

What is a Rendition?

Renditions are more-or-less a different FileType of a Document.  For example, you can have an Image File Format Rendition, PDF Rendition, Text File Format Rendition, etc. Additionally, when a Image File Format document is OCRed, a text-rendition is automatically created for that document.

How do I get started?

In order to create a revision or a version the appropriate user group privilege must be selected (Create Revisions, Create Versions).  In order to view previous revisions or versions of a document, the user group must have rights to View Revisions or View Versions. Contact Russ Bauer ( to facilitate next steps.