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OnBase Client

OnBase Unity Client


The Virtual Print Driver (VPD), Hyland Software Virtual Printer, for OnBase appears as a standard printer in Windows Applications and enables users to electronically print documents directly into OnBase. The printer can prompt for an import dialog or save the documents into a network directory to be swept into a scan queue.  VPD can eliminate the expensive practice of printing documents in order to scan them back into OnBase.



How to Install

The VPD is installed automatically with the OnBase 17 Client installation in the kbox. If OnBase 17 is already installed and you don't have the Hyland Virtual Printer in your list of available printers, you can reinstall OnBase from kbox and this will provide you with the Hyland Software Virtual Printer.

How to Use

When you are in a Windows application like Word or email, you can print your document into OnBase by:

  1. Open OnBase Client (standard Client or Unity) if it's not already open
  2. Go to your document and choose Print
  3. Select the printer called 'Hyland software virtual printer'
  4. The virtual print driver defaults to black-and-white. If you'd like to change it to color, make sure and go to the 'Properties' box and change your preference to color printing
  5. Print the document
  6. You should get an Import Dialog box as shown above. This box will associate the proper keyword values with your document. Fill out this box fully and accurately
  7. Hit the Upload button to submit the document to OnBase

Silent Install Setup

To install the Virtual Print Driver silently on a new machine, Hyland Software, Inc. needs to be added as a trusted publisher. To set Hyland Software, Inc. as a trusted publisher, you must obtain the "VPDCertificate.cer" file from Hyland's Team M (as of Oct 2014). The "VPDCertificate.cer" for version 15 has been downloaded as of 10/2/2014 and is located in Swarchive.