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What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is the name of Carleton's print management solution.

There are three parts to the system:

  • a server part (which manages the print queues and payment system);
  • client software, which is installed on our public lab computers (available soon for personally-owned computers);
  • WebPrint for printing over the web without the client software.

Some features the client software provides:
  • Displays notification messages, such as why a print job was denied.
  • Displays print policy popups, such as to encourage duplex printing.
  • Displays popups for shared account allocation/charging (department accounts, client billing).
  • Allow the user to confirm the details and/or cost of their print job before printing.
  • Shows the user their current balance (useful in schools where print quotas are used).
  • Can be used for authentication when printing from public terminals or other unauthenticated systems.


For more information visit the PaperCut Client page.




Printing: The General Process

Printing in Public Spaces is a Two-Step process:

  1. Sending a print job from a lab computer: this is how you would normally print from a personal computer connected to a personal printer. File + print and select the printer that you want to print to. Depending on the location of the lab computer you are using, you will have access to different printers on campus.
  2. Releasing (printing) the job at the printer.

The first time you try to print, PaperCut will prompt you to login (for more details, see below). You can select how long to stay logged in; shorter periods of time increase the possibility that you will have to log in again to print. Choose the printer you would like to send the job to; you will get a message on the screen when the job has been sent to the release station at the printer.

When you get to the release station, swipe or tap your OneCard. You will see a list of jobs you have sent; for each job, there are links to "Print" the job or cancel the job. If you click to print the job, it will print and you will be charged for the job.

The specifics

Student Printing:

Log into the PaperCut PopUp with your Carleton username and password. (If you are a student worker, see below for more information.) When you release your print job, your printing account will be debited the cost of the print job. If you don't have enough money in your Printing Account, you will be prompted to swipe your OneCard a second time, which will debit your Schillers the cost of the print job (less any remaining balance in your Printing Account).

Faculty/Staff Printing:

Log in to the PaperCut popup with your Carleton username and password. When you release your print job, the cost will be charged to your primary department.

Student Worker Printing:

Log in to the PaperCut popup with the account you use for your student work job (either your normal Carleton username and password, or a stu_worker account and password). Select the radio button by "Charge to shared account using PIN" and enter the pin given to you by your student work supervisor. When you release your print job, the cost will be charged to the department you work for.

Affiliate and Friend of the College Card Printing:

Those affiliated with Carleton College Faculty, Staff, or Alumni may be eligible for an Affiliate Card. All others may obtain a Friend of the College card from the Library's circulation desk. These cards allow you to load money for printing and copying.

To print using your Affiliate or Friend Of The College card, log into the PaperCut popup using the same username and password you used to log in as a guest user on the lab computer. (You can obtain the passsword by contacting the ITS helpdesk, the Library's Research/IT desk, the Library's Circulation desk, or the Idea Lab.) After sending your job to the printer, go to the laptop print release station near the printers (the printers themselves will not be able to read your card). You will be prompted to swipe your card twice, once to open your print queue and a second time to debit your Schillers for the cost of the print job.

If you wish, you can avoid the second swipe by transfering money from your Schillers to your printing account; please see How do I transfer money to my printing account? in the other column.

Guest Printing:

Visitors to the college may use a Guest OneCard (ask at the library or ITS service desks to borrow one). To use a Guest OneCard, log into the PaperCut popup using the username and password printed on the front of the OneCard you are using. Swipe at a laptop release station (not the printer itself) to release your print job.

Common questions
How much does it cost to print?

Printing is charged "per impression," which basically means per printed side of the paper. For Carleton faculty, staff, and students, black and white impressions cost $0.04 each, and color impressions are $0.15 each. For students, duplex print jobs get a 1/2 cent per impression discount, so $0.07 for two black and white impressions printed on a singe sheet, and $0.29 for two color impressions printed on a single sheet. For help printing in color or simplex please see the Advanced Printing Guides on the Printing at Carleton page.

How do I see my balance?

"Current Balance" refers to your Printing Account, or quota; "Schillers" refers to how many Schillers you have on your OneCard.

How do I transfer money to my printing account?
  • Visit
  • Log in using your Carleton username and password (or the username and password printed on your OneCard, if you are a Friend of the College).
  • Select the "Add Credit" link on the left side.
  • Select how much money you would like to transfer to your printing account.

Note: Smaller amounts are generally better; $1.00, for instance, is 25 black and white impressions. Money left in your printing account will be forfeited on August 1 of the following year.

How do I print if I've forgotten my OneCard?
  • Visit
  • Log in using your Carleton username and password.
  • Select "Jobs Pending Release" from the left side.
  • Click "release" for the job you'd like to release; this acts just like releasing it using your OneCard at a release station.

How do I print from my personal computer?

Follow the WebPrint directions.

Do you have any tips for doing class readings without printing everything out?

Strategies and tool suggestions are available: Reading and Research Notes without Paper

Who should I contact with further questions?

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk  (phone: x5999   email: