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With new -CC5550 MFDs comes Copying too

During 2017, all existing MFDs will be replaced with a new model, Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5550i. With this change in each location, PaperCut will take over management of copying as well as printing. So this printing history will become printing and copying history.

Accessing your Printing History

The normal interface with PaperCut is through the User Web page at, which on the Carleton network may be abbreviated as After you log in, the menu on the left-hand side offers these options:

Menu ItemDescription
SummaryTotal print jobs and pages, print activity, and environmental impact
RatesPrinting rates (note the ITS Public Labs printers difference)
Transaction HistoryHistory of charges against and credits to a user's personal print quota account
Recent Print JobsUser's print job history
Jobs Pending ReleaseAlternative method to release held jobs, instead of using the release station
Web PrintUpload a PDF or Office document to be printed, without installing a printer or driver
Add CreditTransfer Schillers from oneCard to user's personal print quota account
List of All Printers at CarletonLink to Printers page with every networked printer and its description
Instructions for Printing in Public SpacesLink to Carlpedia article explaining how printing works for different people
Log OutLogout of PaperCut User Web page

Recent Print Jobs

You can access your complete printing history from the link Recent Print Jobs. For each print job, the details shown include:

  • Date/Time,
  • Account charged (user's personal print quota, or departmental or student organization shared account),
  • Printer Name (the print queue),
  • Total Pages and Color Pages,
  • Cost (actual charged amount, not the external amount shown by the popup client),
  • Document Name (copy jobs will display the word "copying" in square brackets, and scan jobs the word "scanning"),
  • Print Job Attributes (paper size, duplex, grayscale, spooled size, client machine printed from, printer language, mobile print method),
  • Status (whether the job was printed, cancelled, and/or refunded).

You can sort on any of these details by clicking the column name at the top, and click the column name again to reverse the sort order. Note that this list of print jobs may be split into pages, with the forward and backward page controls at the very top of the list (under the form), and again at the bottom.


You can search on most of these print job details, as well as other criteria, by choosing the Show Filter link at the top. By default, PaperCut shows the last two weeks of jobs, as you can see in the "Between Dates" field. When you change various fields in the filter and choose the "Apply Filter" button below the fields, the list below that changes to match the criteria you specified. For example, to see only copy jobs, set the Job Type field to Copy Jobs, then Apply Filter.


You can export the information as a report using the Export/Print link at the bottom of the page. Next to that link are icons to export in PDF, HTML, or CSV (for Excel) formats, from left to right. The exported file will include all print job details that match the current search criteria, not limited to the jobs displayed on the current page. For many individuals, this report will answer all their questions about their own printing history.

Not Listed?

But what if the print job you sent is not listed here? If the job is not listed here, PaperCut never saw the print job under this username. There are several possible causes for this, listed in the Technical Troubleshooting section of this article.

If you have questions about your printing history, please contact the ITS Helpdesk  (phone: x5999   email: