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Please be aware:

Printing systems at Carleton are subject to change. This page will be updated regularly, but if you see a red warning label over a page or topic, that information may be out of date. If you see that label, proceed with caution.

This page was last updated on 3/25/19.

Printing at Carleton

Printing at Carleton is very different from printing at home or even printing at another school. To successfully print at Carleton, you will need to be familiar with software or printing methods that you may have never interacted with. That's why this page exists! This page serves as a helpful guide to printing at Carleton, and can be useful to students, staff, faculty and guests.

Please note that this page is meant to be used as a reference guide, and may not be able to answer very specific questions. For example if you were doing a Fine Arts project and needed to print out an image, this page would be helpful for answering the question, "What file types can I print off while using WebPrint?", but it would not be helpful for answering the question "What file resolution would be best to print this image in?" or "What file type should I print this image in?". But don't worry if you have these types of questions, because you have guidelines that you can follow here. Don't know what resource to check? Don't stress yourself out. If you ask any resource for help, they should be able to point you to the right place.

Basic Printing Guides

These guides will assist you with the basics of printing, as well as how to navigate Carleton specific printing systems.

There are two ways to print using PaperCut, Carleton's print management system: via the client software installed on public lab computers around campus, or via WebPrint through a web browser.

Understanding Print Quotas

The following article details how student print quotas actually work, and address the question of unused quotas:  Understanding Print Quotas

ITS Guides

These guides are meant for ITS and library employees to help troubleshoot printing problems. Do not attempt to perform these fixes if you are not authorized to do so. Many of these fixes require ITS specific tools to work, and you may not be able to make them work. Also remember that tampering with printers is against Carleton Guidelines for both faculty and students. Remember if you break it, you buy it.

That being said, if you are an authorized ITS worker, click here.

Advanced Printing Guides

These guides are for more specialized or complex cases, like printing on different paper types.

Color Printing:

Public color printers are available in the library, near the ITS helpdesk in the CMC, and in Weitz 020.

Single/Double-Sided Printing:

Secure Print:

Helpful Tools

These are helpful articles that aren't full guides, but still have things that are useful to know.

Other Resources

 Click here to see all ITS resources on printing..

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Page: Understanding Print Quotas (ITS)
... spend from its budget to cover student printing. There is a common misconception about print quotas, specifically that a student's print quota references a financial award or dollar amount given to that student for the sole purpose ... ...
Apr 22, 2021
Page: How to Secure Print On a Canon c5051 (ITS)
... HOW TO PERFORM A SECURED PRINT ON A CANON c5051 Video Tutorial Available by clicking the below Secure Print Lock Image. Secure Print Logo, Hurlbert.jpg A Text Tutorial is available, below. FROM a Mac (Word ...
Oct 28, 2014
Labels: copier, print, printer, copy, secure ... 3 more labels.
Page: Secure Print to a Canon iR-ADV C5550 (Mac) (ITS)
... When printing to a Canon iRADV C5550, it is possible to send a confidential, "secure print" job, to use the industry term. A secure print job is held at the device until you arrive to release it, entering the PIN number
Mar 23, 2018
Labels: print, c5550, keep, secure, kb-how-to-article ... 1 more labels.
Page: How to Print Single Sided (mac) (ITS)
... Go to FILE tab and click PRINT More setting Print using System Dialog Layout Printer Features Print Style: 1 sided printing print printing how to 1 sided one 1sided onesided delete
Feb 20, 2020
Labels: 1-sided, how, 1, print, one-sided ... 5 more labels.
Page: Secure Print on Xerox Printers (ITS)
... send the job from your Windows computer: In your Windows application, choose to Print. Depending on the application, select a button named "Print Options" or "Preferences". Choose a Print Setup or Printer Properties button only if you don't see either of the others ...
Apr 08, 2019
Labels: windows, printing
Page: Secured Print on the Canon iR-ADV C5550 MFD (ITS)
... new Canon iRADV CC5550 multifunction printers, it is possible to send a "secured print" job, to use Canon's term. A secure print job is held at the device until you arrive to release it, entering the PIN number ...
Sep 29, 2020
Labels: keep, windows, printing
Page: How to Release Held Print Jobs (ITS)
... Geology (AND), Math/CS (CMC), and Physics (AND). Another article briefly describes how to print in public spaces. But there are actually three different ways the person who printed can release print jobs at any of these hold/release printers, and this article will describe all ...
Sep 09, 2019
Labels: papercut, releasestation, printing
Page: Why Print Management (ITS)
... academic year, the 16 public lab printers averaged as follows: 42,000 pages printed per day. 7.3 pages printed in the libe per minute that the libe was open. Approx 2,000 pages printed per student. During the last month of Fall
Sep 09, 2010
Labels: needswork, delete, printing
Page: OnBase - Virtual Print Driver (ITS)
... choose Print Select the printer called 'Hyland software virtual printer' The virtual print driver defaults to blackandwhite. If you'd like to change it to color, make sure and go ... OnBase Client OnBase Unity Client Overview The Virtual ...
Aug 24, 2017
Labels: onbase, document_retention, keep
Page: How do I print duplex (2 sided)? (ITS)
... changed for: this one print device for all computers for all jobs (a device default); for this print device for just one computer for all jobs (a computer default); or for this print device for this one job. In general, all the new devices on campus were set
Sep 01, 2009
Labels: faq, delete, mfps
Page: How To Print on Different Sizes of Paper (ITS)
... CommandP If you are not using Chrome, skip this step! Chrome users: Navigate to the bottom of the print dialog window and click Print using system dialog or press ControlShiftP. You should now see a window ... ...
Mar 17, 2017
Labels: keep
Page: Print Statements in Python and Java (Carlpedia)
... Python Java print "It's this simple!" System.out.println("It's almost that simple!"); print 'Hello, world.' public class Hello { public static void main(String ...
Jan 30, 2014
Page: WebPrint vs Client Print (ITS)
... Feature Web Print Client Print File Types Allowed xlam, xls, xlsb, xlsm, xlsx, xltm, xltx ... 5 Unlimited Maximum File Size 100 MB Unlimited Can I print ...
Feb 24, 2017
Labels: unsure, rewrite
Page: General Style Guidelines for Print Media (ITS)
... conjunctions are lower case, primary words are uppercase for example: "general style guidelines for print media" will become, "General Style Guidelines for Print Media". Use sans serif type when characters must be smaller than ... ...
Nov 21, 2012
Labels: unsure
Page: How much does it cost to print or copy? (ITS)
... also charged for the cost of the paper in their office's printer and MFP.  If you have a large print job, we recommend Print Services in Leighton 128, which offers the best duplication prices on campus ... ...
Sep 05, 2012
Labels: faq, keep, rewrite, mfps
Page: How do I choose different types or sizes of media to print on? (letterhead, envelopes, labels, etc.) (ITS)
... job comes out on whatever media happens to be in that tray at the time.) So, as an example, to print on letterhead: From a Windows XP computer: In your application, choose to print. Then, in the Print dialog, choose the printer, then click the Properties button next to the printer name. On the Paper ...
Sep 03, 2009
Labels: unsure, faq, printing, rewrite, mfps
Page: WebPrint (ITS)
... ect.) on WebPrint and print to most printers on campus.     How to Submit a Print Job Through WebPrint:   WPSummary.png WPChooseWP.png WPPrinter.png WPOptions.png OR WebPrintChoices.png WPUpload.png WPWrongFiletype.png ... WebPrint allows you to track your
Nov 01, 2016
Labels: print, webprint, color, consolidate, papercut ... 4 more labels.
Page: How do I print with letterhead paper? (ITS)
Letterhead paper is just one type of media that can be used in MFPs and printers. See this FAQ on using different media. faq mfps printing delete consolidate Migrated to Confluence 4.0
Sep 03, 2009
Labels: consolidate, faq, delete, printing, mfps
Page: PaperCut new MFD features -- draft outline -- Dec 2019 (ITS)
... Copier" substitute "Access Device", job waits for you for 24 hours) Secured Print on the Canon iRADV C5550 MFD Secure Print to a Canon iRADV C5550 (Mac) Secure Print on Xerox Printers Secure Print on HP LaserJet Printers Or print
Jul 23, 2020

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Page: Fine Art Printing (ITS)
... installed, and thus does NOT render black and white photographs very well. A tutorial for printing with the 4880 "CAMS specific," but adaptable to all printing in the IdeaLab can be found here. A tutorial for printing on the 9700 can be found here. A video of Tucker MacNeill
Oct 07, 2013
Labels: printers, art, epson, 4880, 9700 ... 5 more labels.
Page: OBSOLETE - Mac Printing Setup and Troubleshooting (ITS)
... seems to work until the GoPrint project addresses this issue) NOTE: This is similar to the IP printing for iPrint and will break, once IP printing is no longer allow Get the Name/IP from the Sysnet IP lookup page ...
Oct 16, 2015
Labels: faq, delete, printing
Page: Black-and-White/Color Printing for Canon Printers (Mac) (ITS)
... name like "B/W Duplex" or "Color Simplex" (See "Duplex/Simplex Printing for Canon Printers" for steps on how to choose either duplex or simplex printing.)   You may also want to use visual panels to communicate related information
Mar 23, 2018
Labels: color, white, keep, black, kb-how-to-article ... 4 more labels.
Page: Printing on the Epson 9700 (IdeaLab) (ITS)
... want it to be when it's printed and be set to 240 DPI Printing 3.png Printing 4.png 4. Now you have to convert to profile.  This will turn your ... you may want to over compensate a little to make up for this in the levels settings.
Feb 05, 2015
Labels: unsure
Page: Printing History in PaperCut (ITS)
... C5550i. With this change in each location, PaperCut will take over management of copying as well as printing. So this printing history will become printing and copying history. Accessing your Printing History The normal interface with PaperCut is through the User Web page at ...
Aug 01, 2017
Labels: papercut, keep
Page: PaperCut Printing for Student Workers (ITS)
... longer used or supported. History: How a Student Worker Group was Initially Defined for Printing When a department migrated to PaperCutbased printing, they had the opportunity to identify those of their student workers who need to be able to print ...
Nov 08, 2019
Page: Guest Printing (ITS)
... Guest Printing at Carleton   Carleton College offers many accommodations for visiting guests, including printing ...
Mar 25, 2019
Labels: keep
Page: Campus Printing Resources (ITS)
... Resource Problem Printing at Carleton page How do I scan at Carleton? How do
Mar 24, 2017
Page: Release2AnyXXXX "Pull" Printing (ITS)
... stapling, as described in other Carlpedia articles. If you do not, those features will not be available. Printing Printing to any of these Release2AnyXXXX "printers" from your collegeowned computer works just like ... color or grayscale. A few print queues. most with Gray in their names, force all printing
Aug 15, 2019
Page: Printing on the Epson 4880 (IdeaLab) (ITS)
... CANCEL."  This is a bug in CS 6, and we can just ignore this warning. Normal Printing: Leave this selected.  Do not choose hard printing. Rendering Intent: Perceptual–as it appears most "natural" for photography printing SELECT: Black Point Compensation Below is a screenshot
Feb 20, 2015
Labels: consolidate, keep
Page: Printing HQ (draft) (ITS)
Much of the information below needs updating. Please ask Kendra, Tammy, Austin or Doug for instructions on how to interact with this page. Let's please check the accuracy of the information on these pages often, and update as needed. cloak.toggle.exclusive = false Migration of unmigrated content due ...
Mar 15, 2012
Page: Duplex/Simplex Printing for Canon Printers (Mac) (ITS)
... bit different depending on what application you are trying to print from.  If you are printing from a web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.): You should ...
Mar 21, 2018
Labels: printers, printer, keep, duplex, kb-how-to-article ... 1 more labels.
Page: OBSOLETE - Printing to Xerox 4150 MFP (ITS)
... Make sure your Word document is set to the proper size & layout before printing:<BR> Click Page Layout, Size<BR> If the size of paper you're using
Oct 16, 2015
Labels: rapidresponse
Page: Order Paper from Printing and Mailing (ITS)
... Paper is ordered directly from Printing and Mailing from the following site: The guidelines are as follows: Library 10 ...
Nov 11, 2013
Page: Configure Duplex Printing for Xerox Printers (Mac) (ITS)
... g When the new options appear, choose "2Sided Print" from the 2Sided Printing menu 2sidedprintoption3.png To also set blackand white as your default option ...
Mar 14, 2018
Page: How to Setup Printing (to a Canon MFP) on a Mac (ITS)
... C5045/5051. macprint2.png Click OK. Click Add, at which point printing should work. If you do not have the usb flash drive, the driver can ...
Feb 18, 2015
Labels: kb-how-to-article
Page: Why Print Management (ITS)
... Print Management? The short answer is that it is our method to reduce the inordinate amount of excess printing done at Carleton. Some statistics regarding Carleton Printing: Avg annual printing at the libe 19982002 187,500 pages/yr Avg annual printing at the libe 20022006
Sep 09, 2010
Labels: needswork, delete, printing
Page: Printing on Windows (ITS)
Using GoPrint or Papercut: To install as a Windows (Server) Printer on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Server: Within your operating system, click start > control panel > view devices and printers > "Add a printer". When asked whether the printer is local ...
Aug 23, 2012
Labels: rapidresponse
Page: PaperCut Client (ITS)
... PaperCut Overview PaperCut is a technology and server system for metering and managing networkbased printing and copying. It replaced GoPrint as our campus print management system in 201213, one
Aug 28, 2020
Labels: software, papercut, windows, printing
Page: WebPrint (ITS)
... WebPrint allows you to track your print jobs, request refunds, and add printing credit. Moreover, you can upload print job (i.e. a PDF, Word ...
Nov 01, 2016
Labels: print, webprint, color, consolidate, papercut ... 4 more labels.

If you cannot find the question to your question after reviewing this guide, contact the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or use one of the resources listed above.