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Problem Description

Duplex Printing Problem in Adobe Reader X (Mac) - My normal printer setting is for duplex printing. However, Adobe Reader X will only print on one side of the paper..


(Suggestions from 3 different users on the Internet)

It seemed that the duplex setting was not honored unless I specifically chose the Printer button each time I print. If I did click on that button, it showed that the printer setup was already my custom "Double-sided" saved setting.   But I still had to go through the dialog and choose Print on the Mac dialog first, then OK on the Adobe dialog.
The other thing is that if I printed an odd number of pages, the first page would come out single-sided and then the rest would be double sided, instead of the expected behavior of having the last page with one one side printed. So if it was a three-page document, I would get page 1 on one sheet and pages 2-3 on another instead of 1-2 on the first and 3 on the second. I was able to fix this by setting "Reverse" in the Adobe dialog and setting "Normal" order in the Mac dialog.

The only way I have found to get a PDF to print Duplex is to either:
1) Take extra steps (and thus clicks) in the "Printer..." button in Reader's Print dialogue box (as described above), or
2) Use Preview.

I agree with the workaround:  always going to the OS-supplied print dialog (by clicking on the "Printer..." button on the Reader dialog), ignoring the warning, and then clicking Print on the Mac dialog (which simply returns you to the Reader print dialog), and then clicking Print on the Adobe dialog.  In my experience, the extra step seems to fix the problem, though you have to do it for each document you print.