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Using GoPrint or Papercut:

To install as a Windows (Server) Printer on Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Server:

  1. Within your operating system, click start -> control panel -> view devices and printers -> "Add a printer".
  2. When asked whether the printer is local or network, choose "Network".
  3. Do not attempt to choose the printer from a list, choose "The printer I want isn't listed". Instead, if the printer uses GoPrint, input the name as: \\\CMC119-X6350
    The printer you are trying to install may use Papercut. To view the list, click here.  These printers should be written as: \\\CMC119-X6350
    Note: The correct driver will automatically be downloaded to your computer, as with iPrint.
  4. Set the default printer as necessary and print a page to make sure it works.