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The ITS Helpdesk supplies and maintains several public, non-departmental labs. These are different from departmental labs in that they do not belong to any specific department or group (e.g. Biology, Learning & Teaching Center). Rather, the ITS helpdesk is completely responsible for their upkeep. While the helpdesk supports all users and machines across campus, it only supplies (with paper, toner, etc.) labs on this list.

Here is a complete list of refreshing computers, including their software

Note that "refreshing" computers are the ones that get wiped clean after each logout.  Most, but not all of the listed computers are in generally accessible labs.

List of Labs

The ITS helpdesk supports 14 lab spaces, and a few additional machines. These labs are comprised of refreshing dual-boot machines, meaning they provide both mac OS and Windows, and any changes are removed on logout or restart.

Weitz Center
  • WCC 028 - Public Lab @ The IdeaLab
  • WCC 138 - CAMS Media Lab (Classroom Lab)
Additional Machines and Spaces
  • Smart Board on 4th Libe (and Mac Pro)
  • Silver Screen on 3rd Libe (and Mac Pro)
  • Microfiche & Microfilm Stations on 4th Libe
  • Assistive Technology Machines


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