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Rolling out Identity Finder to a Department

Typically, we roll out I.F. to a department by scheduling a 1.5 hour session which has this agenda:

  • 20 minutes - Group talk
  • 70 minutes - Users boot up their computers, install appropriate tools, and run I.F. on their C and Home drives.

Topics to be covered during 20 minute group talk include:

  1. Definition of PII
  2. Purpose of Identity Finder
  3. Drives available to Carleton Employees (C, Home, Collab, Protected, etc)
  4. Implications of having a security breach
  5. What the following 70 minutes will look like
  6. Installation and Implementation

Following the group discussion, have all employees do the following:

  1. Return to their desks, with a copy of the Identity Finder Installation document in hand, and install I.F.  
  2. Map the new 'Protected' drive.  
  3. Run the scan on C
  4. Add the H drive and add appopriate 'Identities' to their defaults
  5. Run the scan on both C and H