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On most Xerox printers, it is possible to send a confidential, "secure print" job, to use the industry term. A secure print job is held at the device until you arrive to release it, entering the PIN number you put in when you created the job. This is useful for documents that you don't want others to see, or for large documents that you don't want to hog the printer until you can arrive to babysit.

Whether you can use Secure Print with a particular Xerox printer depends on the model of the printer (usually, whether it has a hard drive or RAM drive in it, and up-to-date firmware), and the printer driver (and operating system) on the computer from which you are sending the print job. (Printing must be done directly from a client computer; WebPrint will not work.) Windows client computers always use the Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD) PostScript installed from the print server. Mac client computers running Mac OS X use model-specific printer drivers installed locally on each Mac, varying with the exact Mac OS X version. The Mac printer drivers are packaged and updated frequently by ITS, posted in the KBOX user portal so users can easily install the latest versions.

Here is an idea of which Xerox models might support Secure Print on each platform, but check your specific printer to be sure:

Xerox ModelsWindows (X-GPD)Mac OS X
-X3600, -X3610 (Phaser)(tick) 
-X5550 (Phaser)(error) 
-X7500 (Phaser)(error) 
-X7760 (Phaser)(tick) 
-XC600 (VersaLink)(tick) 


Here's how you send the job from your Windows computer:

  1. In your Windows application, choose to Print. Depending on the application, select a button named "Print Options" or "Preferences". Choose a Print Setup or Printer Properties button only if you don't see either of the others.
  2. You're now seeing the Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD), Postscript, printer driver. On the Printing Options tab, change the Job Type to Secure Print...
  3. A Secure Print window will pop up asking you for a 1-12 digit Passcode (PIN) for this document. (By default, it contains the last passcode you used with a Xerox printer.) Enter any number you wish (4 digits is nice), and enter it again to confirm, but you must remember it; you won't be able to print the document without it. 
  4. Leave the Job Name field set to "Use Document Name", or else you won't be able to identify this document, and choose OK.

  5. Change any other options in the printer driver you want, then choose the OK button to close the driver, then choose the Print button in your application.


Here's how you send the job  send the job from your Mac OS X computer: Note: You might need to install the latest version of the Mac OS X printer driver for this model for these features to work:

  1. In your application, choose the Print option.
  2. Choose the pull-down menu in the middle of the popup window that reads "Copies and Pages" and select *Special Features*
  3. Under Job Processing, select "Secured Print"
  4. Click Print
  5. You will be prompted to enter a document name (which you will use to identify your document at the printer), and a unique PIN that will be used to release the document at the printer.


Here's how you release and print a secure print job at the printer, on the printer LCD console panel:

  1. On the printer LCD console panel:
    1. On a Phaser 3600 or 3610, press the Menu button (or Left arrow button?), then the up/down arrows to Walk-Up Features then press OK, then up/down arrows to Secure Print then press OK.
    2. On a Phaser 7760, select Walk-Up Printing then press OK, then select Secure Print Jobs, then press OK.
    3. On a VersaLink C600, press the Home button, then on the LCD console choose Jobs, then Personal & Secure Jobs.
  2. Navigate to your username then press OK.
  3. Use the numeric keypad or the arrow keys to enter your passcode (PIN) then press OK.
  4. Select the desired job then use the arrow keys to select options (Print, or Delete after Print) and answer prompts, then press OK.
  5. After the job prints, press the physical Start/Stop or Cancel buttons to return the printer to Ready mode.